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Gottman Method

The goals of the Gottman Method are primarily applied in couples therapy. Research-based interventions are used to reduce conflict and increase intimacy, improve friendship and respect, deepen connection and affection, and create changes that enhance a couples’ shared goals.

Three main areas of a relationship are targeted in Gottman sessions. These are friendship, conflict management, and creation of shared meaning. The therapist’s goal is to help their clients build stronger relationships overall and to set them up with effective ways to cope in the future when issues arise. 

Common issues addressed with the Gottman Method:

  • Frequent conflict and arguments

  • Poor communication

  • Emotionally distanced couples on the verge of separation

  • Specific problems such as sexual difficulties, infidelity, money, and parenting

The Gottman Method focuses on nine components of healthy relationships known as “The Sound Relationship House Theory.” 

  1. Build Love Maps 

  2. Share Fondness and Admiration

  3. Turn Towards Instead of Away

  4. The Positive Perspective

  5. Manage Conflict

  6. Make Life Dreams Come True

  7. Create Shared Meaning

  8. Trust

  9. Commitment

To learn more about these components and the Gottman Method, see this site.

Vanessa Gill Therapy Austin
Senior Counselor

Shame, Anxiety, and Loss

Interpersonal and Relationship Issues

Mindfulness and Self-Compassion Skills

Sorry! Vanessa is not accepting new clients at this time.
Victoria Elizarde Therapy Austin
Senior Counselor

Anxiety, Stress, Low Mood, and Depression

Self-Compassion, Resiliency, and Personal Growth

Authentic, Relational, and Accepting

Sorry! Tori is not accepting new clients at this time.
Natasha Barlow Therapy Austin

Couples and Relationship Issues

Anxiety, Stress, Life Transitions

LGBTQIA+ Affirming

Gina Rodriguez Therapy Austin
Senior Counselor

Anxiety Alleviation

Worry Management


Sorry! Gina is not accepting new clients at this time.
Heather  Thiel Therapy Austin

Nonjudgmental, Caring

Anxiety/Depression Coping

CBT and Mindfulness

Sorry! Heather is not accepting new clients at this time.
Melanie Dyer Therapy Austin
Senior Counselor

Feminist, Social Justice-Oriented

LGBTQIA+ Affirming

Authentic, Person-Centered, and Strengths-Based Relational Counseling

Sorry! Melanie is not accepting new clients at this time.
Amber Keith Therapy Austin

Trauma, Crisis, and DBT Skills

Couples (Traditional and Open)


Sorry! Amber is not accepting new clients at this time.
Alexis Losch Therapy Austin
Senior Counselor

Reproductive/Postpartum Mental Health

EMDR Trained and Trauma-Informed

Grief and Loss

Sorry! Lexi is not accepting new clients at this time.
Noor Zibdeh Therapy Austin

Life Transitions and Personal Growth

Depression, Anxiety, and Substance Use

Couple and Relationship Issues

Maria Spada Therapy Austin
Senior Counselor

Open-Minded, Warm, and Supportive

Couples—Relationship and Connection Issues

Healing Past Wounds and Personal Growth

Sorry! Maria is not accepting new clients at this time.
Adam Jimenez Therapy Austin

Uncertainty, Stress Management, and Anxiety

Self-Compassion and Mindfulness

Shame, Loss, and Relational Challenges

Alexandra Hale Therapy Austin

Person-Centered, Open-Minded, Integrative

Life Transitions, Personal Growth, Relationship Issues, Depression and Anxiety

Mind-Body, Dream Work, Depth Psychology

Sorry! Allie is not accepting new clients at this time.
Maria  Cordero Robinson Therapy Austin
Senior Counselor

Anxiety and Depression

Trauma-Informed, Culturally Sensitive

Mindfulness and Person-Centered

Sorry! Maru is not accepting new clients at this time.
Mona  Amin Therapy Austin

Couples Issues Surrounding Family Life Cycle

Relationship With Self

Attachment, Safety, and Trust

Georges Jiho Kim Therapy Austin
Senior Counselor

Depression & Anxiety

Life & Career Transitions

Childhood Trauma

Alice Kelly Therapy Austin
Senior Counselor

Trauma-Informed, Culturally Sensitive

Person-Centered, Mindfulness, CBT, Strengths-Based, Narrative Therapy Approaches

Empathetic, Collaborative, Non-Judgmental, and Caring

Sorry! Alice is not accepting new clients at this time.
Anne Johnson Therapy Austin
Senior Counselor

Autism, Spectrum Disorders, and Learning Disabilities

Trauma and Crisis (EMDR Trained)

Relationship Issues

Sorry! Anne is not accepting new clients at this time.
Samantha Simms Therapy Austin

Warm, Curious, Compassionate

Strengths-based, Trauma-Informed Care

LGBTQIA+ and Neurodiversity Affirming

Sorry! Samantha is not accepting new clients at this time.
Kelly Pajares Therapy Austin
Senior Counselor

Grief and Loss


Communication Issues

Sorry! Kelly is not accepting new clients at this time.

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