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Daniella Catalfumo, LPC

Senior Counselor
Fully Licensed
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Hello and welcome! Congratulations on taking this huge step towards personal growth and well-being. Finding a therapist can be overwhelming. I hope this description of what to expect can help ease your mind and give you a sense of whether or not we would be a good fit.

When we begin working together, we will first and foremost get to know each other as we explore your presenting problem and symptoms. Establishing a strong therapeutic relationship may take some time in the beginning and is essential to a successful outcome in therapy.

I provide individual counseling and make use of multiple models of psychotherapy. Together, we will create a personalized treatment plan. We will work on relieving symptoms, with a focus on mindfulness and holistic wellness. I will provide you with hands-on tools for anxiety and mood management that you can put into practice immediately. We will eventually begin to dive deep into your emotional experiences so that we can explore negative thought and behavior patterns that may be preventing you from moving forward. 

I often use art therapy with my clients. I am a nationally board certified art therapist, trained to use the creative process, the materials, and the resulting artwork to aid healing. Art therapy can access our subconscious and emotional experiences, serve as an alternative method of communication, foster identity exploration, boost self-esteem, and provide stress relief. Additionally, art can act as a microcosm of your interactions with the people and world around you, and thus can allow for powerful healing experiences.

If you are interested in using art therapy in your treatment, I will provide you with materials and guidance as you create artwork. You do not need to have any knowledge of art-making to participate.

Finally, I believe that you are the expert on you, and as such the therapy process will be fully transparent and collaborative every step of the way. If you have any questions about anything you have read here, or otherwise, please contact me at 512/201-4501, ext. 557

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A little about me: I am a native New Yorker with a Master of Arts in Clinical Art Therapy and Counseling from Long Island University. I was trained to work with various therapeutic modalities and multiple populations. I spent the first few years of my career providing art therapy and counseling to children and young adults in a private practice in Staten Island, adolescents in a residential treatment center in Syosset, school aged children in NYC’s public school system, older adults in an assisted living center’s dementia unit in Queens, and middle school boys in underserved areas of Austin, Texas.

On a more personal note I absolutely love to paint, read, cook, listen to podcasts, and spend time in my backyard with my family. I am also an avid reader of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, graphic novels- you name it! I am invigorated by creativity, nature, and the little things that give life meaning.

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Starts at $110/hr*
*Actual rates subject to counselor openings

Area of Expertise

Board Certified Art Therapist 

Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, Attachment, Identity and Life Transitions 

Positive, Strength-Based Therapy. Incorporates mindfulness and elements of Jungian analysis.


Individual Counseling


Central Annex

Works With

Anxiety & Stress
Depression/Low Mood
Low Self-Esteem
Troubled Childhood
Troublesome Behaviors
Obsessive/Compulsive Tendencies
Problem Thoughts
Personal Growth
Grief & Loss
Exploring Sexuality/Sexual Expression
Issues with Parents
Communication Issues
Conflict Resolution
Anger Management
Relationship Issues
Caregiver Fatigue
Neurodivergence (ADD/Autism)
Problems at Work
Problems at School
Interrupted Sleep/Insomnia
Domestic Violence
Life Transitions
Death & Dying
Career Transitions
Development Trauma
Identity Development/Exploration
Affair Recovery
Imposter Syndrome
Inner Critic/Negative Self Talk

Techniques & Experience

Focused on practicing skills
Helpful with mid-20's challenges
Anxiety alleviation experience
DBT trained/informed
Mindfulness modalities
Integrates art therapies
CBT oriented
Experienced in domestic violence
HAES/Intuitive eating
Solution-focused/Brief Therapy
Specializing in grief, loss, death, dying
Familiar with substance abuse
Career counseling


Warm & caring
Calm & slow-paced
Friendly & direct
Focused on practicing skills
Active sense of humor
Helpful with mid-20's challenges
Enjoys working with young adults
Anxiety alleviation experience
LGBTQIA+ Affirming
Trauma focused
Spiritually sensitive
DBT friendly
Mindfulness modalities
Integrates art therapies
CBT oriented
Experienced in raising children
Experienced in domestic violence
Experienced in eating issues
Solution-focused/Brief Therapy
Decades of life experience
Enjoys working with midlife adults
Enjoys working with first-time therapy clients
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