Family Therapy
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Family Therapy

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Some families you are born to, some you choose, some you may feel like you get stuck with. You may be part of more than one family system. Regardless of the configuration, many family groups experience challenges and issues. Much like counseling for individuals,  the work in family therapy is focused on improving relationship dynamics and breaking old habits. Family Therapy is often shorter-term work and focuses on specific goals. The work will include exploration of patterns, conflicts, and ways of communicating.

Services ranges from $110 to $175 per session.

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Therapy Austin can help you with ...

Communication Issues
A family member's illness and caregiver fatigue
Conflicts between family members
Substance abuse or addiction
A family member's mental illness
Financial problems or disagreements about money
Caring for a family member with special needs
Issues with extended family members
Establishing family rules, roles, and expectation
Dealing with grief, loss, and transition
Working in a family-owned business

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Have you ever felt like life is a struggle? I have, and the butterfly story is what helped me to embrace life and all it has to offer. Struggles seem impossible while in the midst of them at times, however, struggles are exactly what is needed in our lives to enable us to spread our winds and fly. Just like a butterfly, we must face obstacles to be ...

Alice Kelly
Alice Kelly, LMFT
Senior Counselor
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