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Counselors love working at Therapy Austin! We fill their caseloads with therapy-ready clients, provide personalized mentoring, host exclusive high-quality clinical trainings, nurture a supportive community and offer career tracks for motivated therapists.

We are committed to making high-quality counseling accessible by offering a range of fee options and extended office hours for adults and couples. We invest heavily in our counselors’ clinical and professional growth by providing high-quality training and individualized mentoring. Multiple career tracks are available.

We are currently hiring for Staff Counselors, part-time positions for LPC Interns, LMSWs, and LMFT Associates. Please do not make phone inquiries.

Are you a licensed mental health counselor interested in working with therapy-ready adult clients, alongside a fantastic group of practitioners, in a private-pay counseling agency?

We receive so many requests for service every week that we don’t have enough counselors to serve everyone!

Our Mission

Therapy Austin has a dual mission. We are committed to making high-quality therapy accessible to more Austin adults by offering a range of fee options and extended office hours. We are also dedicated to training, mentoring, and shaping counselors into compassionate, curious, clinically astute practitioners with the experience, skills, depth, and business acumen needed to thrive in private practice. These counselors learn how to run a successful counseling business without relying on insurance panels. The agency provides the marketing, the clients, beautiful offices, effective and unique business practices, a culture of support and encouragement, robust weekly CEU trainings, and direct access to ongoing expert and peer consultation. We employ clinicians who are dedicated to developing their own unique craft of long-term counseling.

Therapy Austin counselors report learning with us what they didn't learn in school -- specific treatments, the nuances of practice, how to work with wide-ranging clinical presentations, and how to do the business part of therapy. We are proud to offer all employees a formalized training program.

Therapy Austin garners praise from staff as a "well-oiled machine," maintaining effective systems and explicit policies and procedures, employing an outstanding Leadership Team, and adhering to the highest clinical and professional practices. 

We practice first and foremost from a heart-centered relational place; all further treatments and interventions flow from there. In managing this agency, we take the same relational approach and expect all counselors to share that orientation with their clients and coworkers. We remain steadfastly outside the dictates of managed care in order to maintain, along with our clients, full choice about the course of clients' mental health treatment.

Perks & Benefits

Incomparable training program

Ongoing coaching and mentoring for both clinical and professional development, including 50+ hours of free and exclusive CEU opportunities

Successful marketing provided by the agency

Constant flow of new adult clients seeking both individual psychotherapy and couples counseling

Heart-centered, relational culture

Practice independently, but not in isolation – loads of support, encouragement and compassion for this challenging and meaningful work

Multiple career tracks available

Maintain a part-time practice; grow your caseload to a full-time level; pursue salaried Leadership positions with benefits; earn Senior Counselor status

Cool Austin vibe

Clients and staff love Therapy Austin

Competitive pay as a W-2 employee

Making $34/session after the Probationary Training Period with the potential to quickly grow into Senior Counselor roles, making $40+ per session

Counselor Testimonials

"During my interview process with Therapy Austin, I highlighted my desire to have a caseload comprised of diverse client identities and presenting issues. The wonderful clinicians who provide referrals have clearly taken this to heart, and I have been so impressed with their warmth and thoughtfulness in matching me with clients."

Ussama Taha
Ussama Taha

So, What's The Job?

Who makes a great candidate for Staff Counselor at Therapy Austin? Any therapist...

  • has a passion for psychotherapy

  • looking for a fantastic place to learn, grow and practice

  • desires a full caseload without doing the marketing 

  • thrives in a well-structured, well-run environment

  • values peer relationships and the support of colleagues 

  • enjoys practicing with autonomy 

  • readily utilizes available consultation 

  • dedicates time to expanding their knowledge and skills 

  • strives to make professional development part of a successful career

  • appreciates beautiful spaces 

  • those interested in learning how to maintain a sustainable practice without joining insurance panels 


  • Licensed to provide mental health treatment in the state of Texas

  • Strong clinical background with solid experience in a psychotherapy setting

  • Highly-organized, self-motivated, collaborative, curious, and proactive

  • Responsive to a fast-paced environment


  • Minimum time commitment: two to three shifts per week, for a starting total of 15 scheduled hours

  • Maintain a minimum of 10 sessions per week

  • Evening, early-morning, or weekend shifts may be required

  • If hired, intern or associate-level applicants must procure their own board-approved supervisor outside of the agency

  • Submit to a background check if hired

How To Apply

Interested applicants should click the Apply Now button below and fill out our online application.

Resumes should reflect the applicant’s full training, working, and educational background. 

Cover letters should be concise, well-written expressions of the applicant’s clinical orientation and interest and experience in counseling. Letters should give an overall sense of who the applicant is and how the applicant will show up as an employee and as a therapist. Include information about where you learned about this job opening, whether it was a friend, colleague, web search, or employment site.

We really do read these and sometimes the cover letter matters more than the resume.

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