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Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy is different from “talk therapy” in that it changes how distressing experiences are stored in the brain. By “processing” these experiences, distressing emotions, beliefs, and body sensations are reduced and what is useful from the experience is learned and retained. It is a top-choice therapy to heal from trauma, abuse, anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem. EMDR can also help improve future performance in relationships, work, school, and life.

This model is congruent with strengths-based views that our minds have a natural capacity to process what happens to us in a healthy and resilient way. But, that process can be short-circuited by significantly stressful experiences. EMDR works by stimulating the brain in ways that reinstate the resilient circuitry and reduce or “desensitize” the emotional charge which have lead to ongoing pain or suffering. The goal of each EMDR session is to neutralize the triggers and lasting-effects that some people suffer with after a significantly stressful experience. Difficult situations will likely become less upsetting.

This form of treatment has decades of valid research proving its effectiveness and is used to treat not only PTSD, but also all types of anxiety, traumatic events, and disorders, depression, panic, and pain, to name a few.

See the official EMDR site for more information.

EMDR Counselors

Anne Johnson Therapy Austin
Senior Counselor

Autism, Spectrum Disorders, and Learning Disabilities

Trauma and Crisis (EMDR Trained)

Relationship Issues

Sorry! Anne is not accepting new clients at this time.
Alice Kelly Therapy Austin
Senior Counselor

Trauma-Informed, Culturally Sensitive

Person-Centered, Mindfulness, CBT, Strengths-Based, Narrative Therapy Approaches

Empathetic, Collaborative, Non-Judgmental, and Caring

Sorry! Alice is not accepting new clients at this time.
Melanie Skyler Therapy Austin

Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Loss, Trauma

Neurobiology,Science of the Mind, Brain and Relationships

Military Service Members and Veterans

Alexis Losch Therapy Austin
Senior Counselor

Reproductive/Postpartum Mental Health

EMDR Trained and Trauma-Informed

Grief and Loss

Sorry! Lexi is not accepting new clients at this time.
Kathryn Reynolds Therapy Austin

Autism, Spectrum Disorders, and Learning Disabilities (ADD)

EMDR and Anxiety

Life Transitions

Sorry! Katie is not accepting new clients at this time.
Ashlyn Simmons Therapy Austin
Senior Counselor


Anxiety, Trauma, and PTSD

Relationship and Family Issues

Sorry! Ashlyn is not accepting new clients at this time.
Susan Hilton Therapy Austin

Certified Grief Counselor, Loss, Anxiety and Depression

EMDR and Advanced Mindfulness

Parenting and Relationship Issues, Attachment Theory

Sorry! Susan is not accepting new clients at this time.
Irene Perez Therapy Austin

Bowen Theory (Family Systems)

EMDR Trained

Bilingual (Spanish-English)

Asha Ramkumar Therapy Austin

Life Transitions, Relationships, Painful Experiences

Stress, Anxiety, Self-Esteem, Identity

Non-Judgemental, Culturally Sensitive, LGBTQIA+ Ally

Sorry! Asha is not accepting new clients at this time.
Christine Molina Therapy Austin
Senior Counselor

Stress, Anxiety and Relationship Concerns

Healing from Painful Experiences

EMDR Certified Therapist, EMDRIA Approved Consultant, EMDR Basic Training Facilitator

Sorry! Christine is not accepting new clients at this time.
Jill Hokanson Therapy Austin
Senior Counselor

Family Relationships

Anxiety and Stress

Warm and Collaborative

Sorry! Jill is not accepting new clients at this time.
Catherine Ferguson-Mappus Therapy Austin

Relational Approach, Solution-Focused, Strengths-Based

Grief and Loss, Medical Issues, Addiction Recovery

HAES, DBT, Intuitive Eating

Sorry! Kitty is not accepting new clients at this time.
Ussama Taha Therapy Austin

Identity Affirming and Authentic

EMDR Trained and Trauma-Informed

Relationship and Family Challenges

Sorry! Ussama is not accepting new clients at this time.

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