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Why Choose Therapy Austin

Why Choose Therapy Austin?

Locations All Over Austin

We believe beautiful, comfortable, interesting spaces are integral to mental health. Our offices in North, Central, and South Austin reflect that philosophy. If you prefer to be in your own space, no problem! We offer teletherapy, too.

Flexible Hours, Nights and Weekends

Standard office hours don’t accommodate all clients’ schedules. It’s important to us to offer appointments times that are convenient for you, so we have counselors available early mornings to later in the evenings every day of the week.

Highly Trained, Professional Counselors

Excellent counseling services require well-trained providers. Our mission is to cultivate compassionate, curious, clinically astute practitioners who give you their best. To ensure you get the quality mental health treatment you deserve, we are dedicated to providing ongoing professional and clinical training to all of our counselors.

Local Counselors, Woman-Owned!

You won’t get that with the latest fad of text-your-therapist-anytime nationwide providers. Therapy Austin was founded by two Austin therapists who are passionate about providing excellent client care to the people in our community and about teaching other therapists how to do the same. 

Our Fees Flex, Too

As a private pay agency, it’s important to us to offer our clients some options when it comes to fees. Austin is a diverse community and while many clients can readily afford full-fee sessions, others need a discount. We are proud to be able to accommodate discounts for a majority of our clients and prouder still that this sharing economy is celebrated and sustainable in our agency.

We Won’t Ghost You

It’s a city-wide problem. People seeking help make dozens of calls to Austin counselors and never hear back from anyone. At Therapy Austin, you are guaranteed a response. We have a large staff and an advanced matching system. Your request will be assigned to the Staff Counselor who best meets your parameters at the time. Even if we don’t have what you are looking for because of fee, service, or time constraints, you will still get a call back with appropriate referrals. 

Meet Your Perfect Match

Skip the guessing game and let us find the counselor best-suited to your needs.

The counseling you are seeking is unique to you, so not just any counselor can meet your needs. At Therapy Austin, we strive to make the best client-counselor matches we can. Use the advanced filters on the top of the Counselors page to find your own best match. Or, let us find the counselor best-suited to your needs. With the information you share, we apply a specialized algorithm developed to ensure you are connected with the professional who offers what you need, when you need it.


Fill out our secure, online request form and tell us exactly what you are looking for.

Our comprehensive, HIPAA-compliant request form lets you specify what issues you are experiencing, what type of counselor you prefer, when you are available, and more. This helps us find your match.


Our proprietary technology will analyze your specifications and identify your top matches.

Our cutting-edge algorithm will cross examine your requests with our counselors profiles to match you with your ideal counselor.


Our dedicated client services concierge will review and approve each match.

We may live in Austin, but technology isn't perfect! This is why we review every single match before officially assigning your counselor. Our awesome Client Services admin, Mel, evaluates top matches and selects your top choice.

You Belong at Therapy Austin

At Therapy Austin we believe every voice matters. We are devoted to creating, maintaining and supporting a heart-centered, relational, and inclusive culture where authentic change and healing can occur. We are committed to being curious about ourselves and our clients in an ongoing way, to having the hard conversations, and to using what we learn in ways that engender equity and inclusion for both our clients and our counselors.

It is our mission to make high-quality private-pay therapy more accessible in Austin by offering a range of fee options, easy-to-navigate request matching services at no cost to the client, and extended hours outside the 9-5 norm. We are also dedicated to training and mentoring our counselors into compassionate, curious, clinically astute practitioners with the experience, skills and depth of knowledge we believe every client deserves.

A Hello From Some of Our Counselors


If you're considering therapy, you might be feeling overwhelmed, intimidated, or uncertain about where to start. Perhaps you're facing a major life change or you're feeling stuck in patterns that no longer serve you. Whether you're new to therapy or have prior experience, I’m glad you’ve found your way here. 

Starting therapy is like embarking on a new journey. While there may be obstacles along the way, you don't ...

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Tori Elizarde, LCSW-S
Senior Counselor
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