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Our Mentor Program

Founded in September 2019, Therapy Austin’s Mentor program was born out of a desire to provide our Staff Counselors with one-on-one assistance during their early years with the agency that promotes their growth, champions their success, and equips them with practice management skills to confidently and effectively engage with clients. All Therapy Austin Counselors are assigned to a Staff Mentor who provides professional development coaching, performance assessment, collegial support, and connection to the agency. Staff are guided via a curated agency curriculum with clinical underpinnings that provides our emerging Counselors a strong foundation from which to grow and find their unique path to competency in their practice.

Meet Our Mentors

Our Mentors are supportive, relational, and know the ins and outs of Therapy Austin. Mentors help their Mentees reach their goals, providing feedback and encouragement as Staff Counselors learn the ropes, grow their practices, and deepen their clinical work and identity.

Maggie Behle Therapy Austin

Maggie Behle, LCSW


Mentor Manager

Alex Rosen Therapy Austin
Alice Kelly Therapy Austin
Anne Johnson Therapy Austin

Anne Johnson, LPC

Staff Coordinator: Clinical Training

Asha Ramkumar Therapy Austin

Asha Ramkumar, LCSW

Staff Development Counselor

Ashlyn Simmons Therapy Austin

Ashlyn Simmons, LCSW


Staff Coordinator: New Hire Training

Eve Matveyev Therapy Austin
Kayla Chauvin Therapy Austin

Kayla Chauvin, LPC Associate

Staff Development Counselor

Kelly Pajares Therapy Austin
Kitty Ferguson-Mappus Therapy Austin

Kitty Ferguson-Mappus, LMSW

Rachel Carley Therapy Austin

Rachel Carley, LPC Associate

Sally Mayo Therapy Austin
Tori Elizarde Therapy Austin

Tori Elizarde, LCSW

Ussama Taha Therapy Austin

Ussama Taha, LCSW


Staff Coordinator: Recruitment

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