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North Location

Opened in 2016, this office suite is on the second floor of a multi-storied building found between the intersections of Loop-1 and Highway 183 and Steck and Shoal Creek. The lot offers plenty of parking and the building entrance is on the first floor. Therapy Austin built out the whole suite with counseling in mind, from sound-proofed walls, an integrated alert light system, to the ubiquitous signature tea station. Continuing with themed rooms, this location boasts offices with names like “Garden Variety”, “True Nature”, and “Birds of a Feather”. The ceilings are tall and all the offices boast large windowed walls.


Building 4 at 8500 Shoal Creek is a bit of maze. On your first visit, enter the main door from the courtyard. You will be in a large lobby. Head to your right, and make a right turn, to find the open staircase that leads up to our suite. At the bottom of that staircase, you will see another set of exterior doors. Once you are familiar with the property, you may find it easier to enter that side door to access our offices.

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Counselors at Our North Location

Isaac Gallegos Therapy Austin
Senior Counselor
Fully Licensed

People-Pleasing, Social Anxiety, and Imposter Syndrome 

Pandemic/Post-Pandemic Adjustment Difficulties 

Existential and Identity Exploration

Stephen  Waller-De La Rosa Therapy Austin
Senior Counselor
Fully Licensed

Life Transition, Emerging Adulthood, Personal Growth 

Career Changes, Relationship/Communication Issues, Self-Discovery 

Integrative, Existential, Psychodynamic

Aayeh Falahat Therapy Austin
Senior Counselor

Person-Centered & Trauma-Informed Care 

Multicultural Identity, Attachment Wounds, Inner Child Healing 

LGBTQIA+ and Neurodiversity Affirming

Kassandra Balandrano Therapy Austin

Boundaries, Relational Tension, Anxiety, Depression, Premarital Counseling 

Authentic, Warm, Relational, & Curious 

Narrative Therapy, CBT, Interpersonal Neurobiology, & SYMBIS Facilitator

Andrew Gregory Therapy Austin
Senior Counselor
Fully Licensed

Self-acceptance Self-confidence Sandtray therapy

Brittany Rettenmeier Therapy Austin

Warm, Curious, and Accepting 

Anxiety, Depression, Stress & Burnout, Life Transitions 

LGBTQIA+ Affirming, Person-Centered, ACT

Stacie Brooks Therapy Austin

Warm, Authentic, Non-Judgemental 

Anxiety, Family of Origin Issues, Depression 

Couples & Relationship Communication Issues & Conflict Management

Katie Bloodworth Therapy Austin

Humor, Authenticity, and Compassion 

Anxiety, Purpose, and Meaning-Making 

Couples and Relationship Issues

Macie Ponseigo Therapy Austin

Enjoys working with young adults 

Empathetic, humorous, non judgemental   

Anxiety alleviation experience

Oksana Fiialo Therapy Austin

Authentic, Inspiring, Insightful 

Person-centered, psychodynamic approach with individuals 18+ 

Anxiety, depression, relationship issues, immigration struggles, life transitions, and personal growth

Jennifer Stephenson Therapy Austin

Domestic violence, trauma, and relationship problems 

Collaborative, strengths-based, and person-in-environment centered 

Empathetic, curious, and identity-affirming

Sally  Mayo Therapy Austin
Senior Counselor
Fully Licensed

Personal Growth

Grief and Loss

Divorce Recovery

Melissa Quackenbush Therapy Austin
Senior Counselor
Fully Licensed

Cultivating Self-Compassion, Self-Love, and Acceptance

Developing Healthier Behaviors, Habits, and Relationships

Warm, Affirming, Authentic

Kara Allen Therapy Austin
Senior Counselor
Fully Licensed

Warm and accepting 

Curious and compassionate 

Anti-oppressive, trauma-informed, and LGBTQIA+ affirming 

Kelsey Eidson Therapy Austin
Senior Counselor

Embodied, Relational, Trauma-Informed 

Neurobiology, Somatic Psychology, Expressive Arts 

Holistic & Long-Term Healing, Intra- & Interpersonal Challenges

Miranda Dooley Therapy Austin
Senior Counselor
Fully Licensed

Silence Inner Critic

Anxiety and Depression

Life Purpose and Direction

Sharin Duffy Therapy Austin

Collaborative relational approach 

Works with teens and adults 

Anxiety, Depression, Life Transitions, Stress Management

Mark Muecke Therapy Austin
Senior Counselor

Collaborative, Compassionate, Holistic 

Substance Use, Anxiety, Depression 

Attachment Styles, Developmental Trauma, Dysfunctional Relationships

Kelbie Rogers Therapy Austin

Authentic, direct, non-judgmental, and open-minded 

LGBTQIA+ and neurodivergent affirming 

Working with individual adults on life transitions, personal growth, identity, self-esteem

Gurjit Kaur Therapy Austin
Senior Counselor

Couples - Communication, Affair Recovery, Deeper Relationship 

Anxiety, Personal Growth, Life Transition 

Family of Origin issues, Culturally Informed Counseling

Zachary Anglin Therapy Austin
Senior Counselor
Fully Licensed

Understanding, Non-Judgmental, Actively Engaged

Relationships and Identity 

Substance Use and Compulsive Behaviors

Camila Gomez Therapy Austin
Senior Counselor
Fully Licensed

Trauma-informed, Humanistic, Attachment Theory, and EMDR Trained

Genuine, Warm, Relational 

Bilingual (English/Spanish)

Elisha Wynn Therapy Austin
Senior Counselor
Fully Licensed

Life Transitions 

Grief and Loss 


Mary Eberlein Therapy Austin

Authentic, Affirming, and Empathetic 

Disordered Eating, Life Transitions, Grief and Loss, Depression 

Older Adolescents, College Students, Adults of all Ages, Couples

Molly Kazemi Therapy Austin
Senior Counselor
Fully Licensed

Anxiety, Depression, Self-acceptance, Attachment 

Meaning making after loss, Relationship dynamics 

Identity affirming and Open

Joslyn Wilson Therapy Austin
Senior Counselor
Fully Licensed

DBT-informed, Emotion-focused, Neurodiversity Affirming

Understanding and changing unhealthy patterns/behaviors

Sense of Humor, Authentic, Relatable

Louise  Sawaki Therapy Austin
Senior Counselor
Fully Licensed

Troubled Childhood

Anxiety and Depression

Relationship Issues

Micaela Williams Therapy Austin

Anti-oppressive, LGBTQIA+, disability-, neurodiversity-affirming 

Trauma-informed, somatic, attachment 

Humor, collaboration

Chase Benson Therapy Austin
Senior Counselor

Anxiety, depression, and self-esteem    

Warm, collaborative, and personal   

CBT and Strengths based approach

Colette Henricks Therapy Austin
Senior Counselor
Fully Licensed

Mindfulness and Self-Compassion

Anxiety, Perfectionism, Low Self-Worth

Exploring Meaning and Purpose

India Gardner Therapy Austin




Amber Behrens Therapy Austin
Senior Counselor
Fully Licensed


Authentic, Warm, Relational Approach

Spirituality, Life Transitions, Healing Wounds

Leila Hoodye Therapy Austin

Person-Centered and Solution-Focused 

Empathetic, Humorous, and Nonjudgmental 

Anxiety, Burnout, Low Self-esteem, Relationship Issues, and Life Transition

Nicholas Mendoza-Bachicha Therapy Austin

Adlerian, Interpersonal, Strength/Growth Oriented 

Welcoming, Curious, Goofy 

Depression, Anxiety, Identity Exploration

Samantha Simms Therapy Austin

Warm, Curious, Compassionate

Strengths-based, Trauma-Informed Care

LGBTQIA+ and Neurodiversity Affirming

Colton Seggern Therapy Austin
Senior Counselor
Fully Licensed

Authentic, Curious, Compassionate

Anxiety, Depression, Self Acceptance

Lifelong Development, Identity Growth

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