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Madeleine "Maddie" Brunk, LCSW


Senior Counselor
Fully Licensed
Specialized in ADHD

Starting out in therapy can be daunting – whether you’ve been in therapy before or are trying it for the first time. Congratulations on taking the first step! My name is Maddie, and I am excited to meet you and to work towards your goals together.

You are the expert on your experience, and ultimately, you are the only one with the power to confront your fears and problems—but that does not mean you have to do it alone. Therapy is a space where you can access affirming, non-judgmental support, as well as someone to work alongside you to achieve your goals. I know first-hand how motivating it can be to have supportive people in your life who are invested in your growth; I hope to be that person for my clients.

Many studies have shown that the quality of the relationship between a client and their therapist is a critical factor in the effectiveness of therapy. I work to create as warm and equal a relationship as possible by being open to suggestion and criticism, and working hard to cultivate an empowering therapeutic environment. It is important to me that my office is a safe space for people of color, LGBTQ+ people, disabled people, and anyone else who has experienced marginalization in any form. I recognize the impact that systemic oppression has on mental health, and hope that through our work together we will find ways not simply to “cope,” but to thrive. Our identities and experiences impact our every relationship—with family, friends, colleagues, partners, and ourselves. For this reason, I encourage open conversation about identity as part of work related to families of origin, intimate relationships, and self-esteem/self-exploration.

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Master of Science in Social Work, both from UT Austin. I have professional experience working with LGBTQ+ individuals, people with depression and anxiety, and Autistic people. In my free time, I like to socialize with my friends, play with my dog (her name is Honey), do crafts, and learn new things.

If you decide you want to work together, you can contact me at 512/201-4501, ext. 270. If I am not the right fit for you, I wish you luck finding a counselor that you click with!

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Starts at $175/hr*
*Actual rates subject to counselor openings

Area of Expertise

Trauma-Informed, Anti-Oppressive Practice

LGBTQIA+ and Neurodivergence affirming

Disability and Chronic Illness




Individual Counseling


South Banister
South Slaughter

Works With

Anxiety & Stress
Depression/Low Mood
Low Self-Esteem
Troubled Childhood
Troublesome Behaviors
Relationship to Food/Body
Obsessive/Compulsive Tendencies
Problem Thoughts
Personal Growth
Life Transitions
Exploring Sexuality/Sexual Expression
Gender Identity
Issues with Parents
Communication Issues
Conflict Resolution
Anger Management
Relationship Issues
Death & Dying
Caregiver Fatigue
Chronic Illness
Neurodivergence (ADD/Autism)
Interrupted Sleep/Insomnia
Career Transitions
Problems at Work
Problems at School
Substance Use
Issues Related to Oppression
Inner Critic/Negative Self Talk
Imposter Syndrome
Identity Development/Exploration
Development Trauma

Techniques & Experience

DBT trained/informed
Solution-focused/Brief Therapy
ACT - Values Based Therapy
Career counseling
Integrates art therapies
Focused on practicing skills
Helpful with mid-20's challenges
Anxiety alleviation experience
Mindfulness modalities
HAES/Intuitive eating
Specializing in grief, loss, death, dying
IFS (Parts work)
Practices from an anti-racist lens


Warm & caring
Calm & slow-paced
Friendly & direct
Focused on practicing skills
Active sense of humor
Helpful with mid-20's challenges
Enjoys working with young adults
Anxiety alleviation experience
LGBTQIA+ Affirming
Trauma focused
Spiritually sensitive
DBT friendly
Mindfulness modalities
Solution-focused/Brief Therapy
Career counseling
ACT - Values Based Therapy
Integrates art therapies
Experienced in eating issues
Specializing in grief, loss, death, dying
Enjoys working with older adults
Enjoys working with midlife adults
Lived experience/Identity affirming
Enjoys working with first-time therapy clients
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512-201-4501 ext 270