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Louise Sawaki, LPC

Senior Counselor
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Hello and welcome. Whether this your first or fiftieth experience with counseling I welcome you with non-judgment, open arms and acceptance.

I believe that because we all are relational, people are wired for and dependent on relationships with others. Also, I am acutely aware that a positive therapeutic relationship plays a crucial role in the success of our work together. Therefore, I feel honored and privileged when clients trust me to accompany them on their journey of transformation. 

Change, healing, understanding, forgiveness, self-awareness, recovery from addiction are a few of the therapy goals that I have worked through with clients. In every instance my approach is first and foremost to listen with empathy and patience, holding no judgment or presuppositions. I have found that exploring relationships within the family often helps clients notice how these might be influencing present issues and concerns. Together we first notice, then examine and challenge unhelpful beliefs and patterns, and within the safety of therapy work, practice and integrate constructive alternatives. The goal is always to find a way to restore balance and wholeness, not to achieve an “ideal.” I hope to establish a space where you will have both safety and accountability. I believe in innate wisdom, innate genius and innate strength, but I have found that sometimes is takes either some distance or another’s prompting to uncover these in ourselves.

I work primarily with individuals and I have had some success with couples. I work with adolescents elsewhere, but can work on parent-child relationships. Before joining Therapy Austin, I worked in substance abuse and addiction rehabilitation and there I worked extensively with families. I look forward to working with clients to address and explore issues around anxiety, stress, depression/low mood, troubled childhood, substance abuse, low self-esteem, personal growth and life transitions, spirituality, complicated grief and relationship issues.

On a personal note, I am the other “therapist with the accent” working at Therapy Austin. I too hail from distant shores, and come to Texas from Tanzania (Kilimanjaro to be a little more precise). Coincidently, also by way of England (and Holland, Belgium, Sweden and California)! When I first came to Austin, MOPAC was a dream, and Austinites’ chief complaints were about too many folks moving here. Now MOPAC is more a “nightmare” and we locals still complain about too many folks moving here! I completed my undergraduate degree in Sociology from the University of Texas at Austin, married and divorced, ran a Registered Family Daycare for 11 years, then spent decades in social service and mental health case management before returning to graduate school. I completed my Professional Counseling education at the Episcopal Seminary of the Southwest with joy! I am the very proud mom of a happy young adult with Autism. Our favorite “hobby” is trying out baking recipes together: I bake, we decorate, we feast!

We can all find we need time to press pause to get our bearings- transition, uncertainty, loss, depression, anxiety, stress or some other reasons may be motivating you to seek out help today.

More about Louise

Area of Expertise

Troubled Childhood

Anxiety and Depression

Relationship Issues


Individual Counseling
Couples Counseling
Family Therapy



Works With

Low Self-Esteem
Troubled Childhood
Personal Growth
Issues with Parents
Relationship Issues
Caregiver Fatigue
Grief & Loss
Anxiety & Stress
Problem Thoughts
Exploring Sexuality/Sexual expression
Anger Management
Chronic Illness
Communication Issues
Depression/Low Mood
Life Transitions

Techniques & Experience

Focused on practicing skills
Helpful with mid-20's challenges
Familiar with substance abuse
DBT friendly
Mindfulness modalities
Anxiety alleviation experience
Career counseling
ACT - Values Based Therapy
Specializing in grief, loss, death, dying
Specializing in couples counseling
CBT oriented


Warm & caring
Calm & slow-paced
Friendly & direct
Focused on practicing skills
Active sense of humor
Decades of life experience
Helpful with mid-20's challenges
LGBTQ friendly
Enjoys treating young adults
Spiritually sensitive
Professional experience other than counseling
Familiar with substance abuse
DBT friendly
Mindfulness modalities
Trauma focused
Anxiety alleviation experience
CBT oriented
Career counseling
Experienced in raising children
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