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Kyoko Kamishima, LCSW

Senior Counselor
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Welcome to Therapy Austin. I am glad that you are considering therapy. I know the value of this work from my own experience—I was introduced to therapy when I was younger, and it completely changed my life. Whether you choose to work with me or anyone else, I sincerely wish you the best in this phase of your journey.

I believe that in order to be truly happy, we need to learn to make conscious choices. We learn and internalize so much from our parents, peers, and society, and this often unconsciously dictates how we live our lives. By challenging the beliefs that we have held, we discover who we truly are—and learn to make decisions based on what will actually make us happy.

Most of us carry some pain from the past, as well. Whether we have experienced difficult events or lived in a chronically challenging environment, there are often old wounds that deeply affect us. Another aspect of our work is to focus on healing the pain from our past so that it no longer controls how we feel or act in the present.

It takes a lot of courage to question what you know and to face painful emotions. But it can be liberating. By understanding where you came from and how you got here, you can release what no longer serves you.

As your therapist, my priority is to create an environment where you can safely share—even difficult things. It is important that you are fully accepted, honored for who you are, and never judged. I also aim to be authentic in our interactions and honest with you in a constructive manner. My hope in our work is that I can help guide you to make the changes that are important to you.

Some facts about me—I was born in Japan but mostly grew up here in the States. I've lived in Tokyo, Massachusetts, NYC, Pittsburgh, and Austin. I studied neuroscience in school before becoming a social worker. Outside of work, I enjoy eating (not so much cooking), watching comedies, and spending time with my family, which includes two cats.


If you’re interested in working with me, please request me on the Get Started page, or call me at 512/201-4501, ext. 216. I look forward to hearing from you.

More about Kyoko

Area of Expertise

Healing Past Wounds, Changing Old Patterns

Releasing Shame/Self-Acceptance

Connection to Self/Others


Individual Counseling


Central Main

Works With

Anxiety & Stress
Depression/Low Mood
Substance Abuse
Low Self-Esteem
Troubled Childhood
Troublesome Behaviors
Problem Thoughts
Personal Growth
Life Transitions
Grief & Loss
Exploring Sexuality/Sexual expression
Questions about Gender
Obsessive/Compulsive Tendencies
Issues with Parents
Communication Issues
Conflict Resolution
Relationship Issues
Death & Dying
Chronic Illness
Career Transitions
Problems at Work
Problems at School

Techniques & Experience

Focused on practicing skills
Helpful with mid-20's challenges
Anxiety alleviation experience
Specializing in grief, loss, death, dying
Familiar with substance abuse
CBT oriented
Solution-focused/Brief Therapy
Mindfulness modalities
Career counseling
DBT friendly


Warm & caring
Calm & slow-paced
Friendly & direct
Focused on practicing skills
Active sense of humor
Helpful with mid-20's challenges
Enjoys treating young adults
Anxiety alleviation experience
LGBTQ friendly
Specializing in grief, loss, death, dying
Spiritually sensitive
Professional experience other than counseling
Familiar with substance abuse
CBT oriented
Solution-focused/Brief Therapy
Mindfulness modalities
Career counseling
DBT friendly
Decades of life experience
Trauma focused
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512-201-4501 ext 216
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