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Kenneth Walker, LPC Associate

Supervised by Samantha Airhart-Larraga, LPC-S

Hello, my name is Kenneth. First and foremost, I want to say thank you for seeking counseling. While everyone’s need of care may be different, what matters most is this first step. Whether life is more complicated than it should be, sudden events make for sour company, or trauma rearing its head; counseling may be able to provide an outlet or safe environment to unpack your mind. At its core, counseling is a collaborative event. That is what I am committed to, with genuine care, a warm environment, and an attentiveness, like no other, I am wanting to provide a nice place to return to. I wish counseling was a cure-all, there are times when it is tough. However, I am wanting to foster that part of you that sought us out in the first place. That feeling that you are worth it. So, again, I cannot emphasize it enough, thank you for caring about yourself and thank you for taking this next step.

I was born in Central Texas. I graduated with my Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Texas A&M University-Central Texas. Some specific experience or interests I have within counseling: stress, life adjustment, trauma-informed, culturally sensitive, LGBTQIA+ ally, and existentialism. Personally, off-hours? I enjoy reading, video games, am somewhat of a homebody, enjoy a good movie, and can sometimes cook rice without it being burnt. 

I do believe that finding the correct counselor is a necessary journey when one begins counseling. If you believe that we are a good fit or if you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call. Thank you for your time and I look forward to getting to know you. 

More about Kenneth

Area of Expertise

Stress, Trauma-informed, Anxiety and Adjustment 

Mindfulness, Genuine, Authentic, Warm and Supportive 

LGBTQIA+ Affirming, Ally, Personal Growth and Culturally Sensitive


Individual Counseling



Works With

Anxiety & Stress
Depression/Low Mood
Substance Abuse
Low Self-Esteem
Personal Growth
Life Transitions
Exploring Sexuality/Sexual expression
Questions about Gender
Grief & Loss
Troubled Childhood
Obsessive/Compulsive Tendencies
Problem Thoughts
Troublesome Behaviors
Issues with Parents
Communication Issues
Conflict Resolution
Anger Management
Relationship Issues
Domestic Violence
Chronic Illness
Caregiver Fatigue
Death & Dying
Problems at School
Problems at Work
Career Transitions
Interrupted sleep/Insomnia

Techniques & Experience

Helpful with mid-20's challenges
Solution-focused/Brief Therapy
Mindfulness modalities
CBT oriented
ACT - Values Based Therapy
Anxiety alleviation experience
Focused on practicing skills
Familiar with substance abuse
Experienced in domestic violence


Warm & caring
Calm & slow-paced
Friendly & direct
Active sense of humor
LGBTQ friendly
Spiritually sensitive
Enjoys treating young adults
Anxiety alleviation experience
Enjoys working with older adults
Familiar with military culture
Additional Info

Clinical Supervision

Samantha Airhart-Larraga, PhD, LPC-S

Private Address


Contact Kenneth

512-201-4501 ext 308
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  • Main
    1415 W. 51st St, #1
    Austin, TX 78756
  • North
    8500 Shoal Creek Bldg. 4 #202
    Austin, TX 78757
  • Highland
    505 E Huntland Drive, #320
    Austin, TX 78752
  • Banister Lane
    4009 Banister Lane, #430
    Austin, TX 78704
  • Slaughter Lane
    1213 W. Slaughter Lane, #130
    Austin, TX 78748
Monday - Friday
6am - 10pm
Saturday - Sunday
8am - 8pm

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