Emma Denning Therapy Austin

Emma Denning, LPC Associate

Supervised by Sunny Lansdale, LPC-S

Senior Counselor
Specialized in ADHD, Trauma (Attachment Focused)

“We’re all capable of the most incredible change. We can evolve while still staying true to who we are. We can honour who we’ve been and choose who we want to be next. Now’s your chance! How about it?” The Thirteenth Doctor, Doctor Who

The path of healing is rewarding and intimidating, and seeking the best therapist for your needs is challenging work. 

Creating a warm and welcoming environment is what I consider key to being able to better explore what you decide to bring into the room.  I work with clients in exploring all aspects of their identities so that they can leave the therapy space better able to live fuller, more enriching lives. My main priority with clients is the quality of our relationship; building and deepening this connection by celebrating clients' strengths and victories, and being my honest and authentic self as their therapist. 

My work is centered around neurodiversity and gender affirming care, helping clients process lifelong trauma, and empowering chronic people-pleasers to prioritize loving themselves. Clients can expect to work on ADHD support and management, emotion regulation and processing, Mindfulness, Identity exploration, and shaping their life story.  I use the science of trauma-informed care to help client's all the way down to their nervous system--and explain my process every step of the way. 

As someone with an ADHD brain, I know just how difficult it can be to find someone that is open to understand your experience in the world.  I consider it a privilege to be given to chance to witness what clients bring into session and experience some of their journey with them. This is why I try to bring my very real and flawed self into the room; neurodivergent people know when someone is pretending! I aim for neurodivergent clients to accept themselves as who they are and learn to work with themselves, instead of against. 

Being Non-Binary myself, I have enjoyed assisting client's in exploring their gender identity and self-expression, and how these parts of ourselves are influenced by a world that wants us to be cisgender.  I understand what it feels like to rarely "fit in" with the other kids and to be expected to be something you are not. I actively view my practice as a therapist as a way to resist patriarchal standards, and sharing your experience is your way of rebelling against those who want you to keep the best parts of yourself hidden. 

Please reach out you’d like to chat more about how we could work together to accomplish your goals. I look forward to it!

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More about Emma

Area of Expertise

ADHD specialized, sense of humor, warm and direct 

Gender and neurodiversity affirming 

People-pleasing and Perfectionism, life-long trauma, holistic and long-term healing


Trauma (Attachment Focused)


Individual Counseling


South Slaughter

Works With

Anxiety & Stress
Depression/Low Mood
Substance Use
Low Self-Esteem
Troubled Childhood
Troublesome Behaviors
Problem Thoughts
Personal Growth
Life Transitions
Grief & Loss
Exploring Sexuality/Sexual Expression
Gender Identity
Issues with Parents
Anger Management
Relationship Issues
Domestic Violence
Death & Dying
Neurodivergence (ADD/Autism)
Career Transitions
Problems at Work
Problems at School
Relationship to Food/Body
Caregiver Fatigue
Identity Development/Exploration
Development Trauma
Interrupted Sleep/Insomnia
Imposter Syndrome
Inner Critic/Negative Self Talk
Issues Related to Oppression

Techniques & Experience

Focused on practicing skills
Helpful with mid-20's challenges
Anxiety alleviation experience
Experienced in domestic violence
Familiar with substance abuse
HAES/Intuitive eating
Mindfulness modalities
Solution-focused/Brief Therapy
Specializing in grief, loss, death, dying
ACT - Values Based Therapy
SE (Somatic Experiencing)
EFT (Emotion Focused Therapy)
Practices from an anti-racist lens


Friendly & direct
Warm & caring
Focused on practicing skills
Active sense of humor
Helpful with mid-20's challenges
Enjoys working with young adults
Anxiety alleviation experience
LGBTQIA+ Affirming
Experienced in domestic violence
Trauma focused
Spiritually sensitive
Familiar with substance abuse
Experienced in eating issues
Mindfulness modalities
Solution-focused/Brief Therapy
Specializing in grief, loss, death, dying
Familiar with military culture
ACT - Values Based Therapy
Calm & slow-paced
Enjoys working with first-time therapy clients
Lived experience/Identity affirming
Enjoys working with midlife adults
Work with Emma
Additional Info

Clinical Supervision

Dr. Sunny Lansdale, LPC-S
4009 Spanish Oak Lane
Dripping Springs, TX 78620


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512-201-4501 ext 564