High Functioning Autism (AKA Asperger's) Part 2

March 5th, 2019

High Functioning Autism (AKA Asperger's) Part 2

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In Part One of the High Functioning Autism (aka Asperger’s) blog series, we explored the unique strengths and common traits of the Asperger’s brain setup.

In this post, we will continue to celebrate neurodiversity (which is the idea that we all have neurological differences in how we think and learn) by sharing some of my favorite books on Asperger’s.

An important key to success for many people with Asperger’s is to identify and nurture the strengths that often accompany this brain setup, as well as to uncover and develop work-arounds for potential blind spots and challenges that can occur.

Actually, this is an important key to success for most individuals. Many people have told me that learning how their particular brain operates (and the brains of those they love) has played an important part in understanding and accepting themselves and others...and has helped them adjust their approach to succeed in relationships, life and work.

So, if you or someone you care about has an Autism Spectrum diagnosis, or has Asperger traits (even if these traits don’t rise to the degree required for a diagnosis), check out the book list below.

The following books offer valuable insights and information about how this brain works and how to approach life and relationships in a way that supports and plays to the strengths of this brain setup:

Christine Molina, LCSW, is a champion of neurodiversity and a skilled clinician at Therapy Austin. Christine developed this book list and has generously given us permission to share it on our blog.