The leadership team
of therapy Austin

Quick List of who-to-contact for what...

Policy/Procedure - Roxy
Complex Client Issues - DeLinda
HR - onboarding & offboarding, recruitment - Roxy
HIPaA & Communications - claire
changes to your schedule - Danielle
supplies & facilities - Anne
Simple Practice, Email, Ring Central, Trainings - Gina
TAWorks (tech. issues) - Elena Stransky,
Outstanding Bal. & Close-outs, Weekly connection - Donna

founders and Directors, Danielle Hayes, lcsw and Ellen Lindsey, lcsw
Call 'em Crazy, call 'em classy, call 'em work-wives. 
this dynamic duo is in constant creative mode. 

 Contact Danielle at or 512/460-9436

Contact Danielle at
or 512/460-9436

Vision. They share in the overall vision and execution of making all of this magic happen. They strive to create an enriching place to work. Though they easily pinch hit for each other, Danielle focuses more on HR issues, such as payroll, scheduling, and metrics, while Ellen tends toward systems, such as TAWorks, the website, and finances.

 Contact Ellen at or 512/663-9464

Contact Ellen at
or 512/663-9464

Managing. We are doing our darnedest! As you progress, we progress. We are thrilled to have our core staff of Coordinators to rely on. In addition, it is truly a joy to witness and guide your growth here at Therapy Austin. We aim to celebrate that along the way with constructive feedback and pay increases. If you are considering or anticipating a change in employment, please reach out to us. We are here to help you grow as a professional and will encourage you along whichever paths you choose. We are also here to serve our clients, and, in that vein, the sooner we know of your potential change in plans, the better we can do that.

Request Admin. Currently, Ellen and Danielle continue to share in assigning requests. If you have a question about an open or pending request, contact the current Request Admin, posted at the top of your "My Requests" page on TAWorks. If it's a time-sensitive question, please text instead of emailing.

TA Admin Calendar - Your Schedule. If you have any desires to shift or change your assigned shifts or rooms, please contact Danielle.





Assistant Director, RoxAnne Watson, lpc
She's tall, she's confident, she's capable.
How can you narrow the list of things she can speak to?

 Contact Roxy at or 512/826-7268

Contact Roxy at
or 512/826-7268

  • Employee Recruitment. If you have any friends or colleagues interested in working at Therapy Austin, send them Roxy's way. Well, actually, tell them to look at the Employment page of this site to get directions on how to apply, then tell Roxy your referral's name and any info you'd like to share, so she can be on the lookout.
  • HR: Staff Onboarding & Offboarding. Roxy maintains employee HR information on Zenefits. Contact her if you have any questions or changes regarding your employment files. She is a main point of contact between the agency and your clinical supervisor.
  • New-Hire Training & Co-leader of Peer Consultation Group. Roxy conducts a portion of the training for new hires and sits side-by-side with Lindsey during Peer Consultation group. She has mentored many a staff member and is a great clinical resource at this agency.
  • All things policy and procedure. How do I...? How does the agency...? Where do we...? Roxy is wise and quick, and she is here, in addition to Lindsey, to answer these questions for you. 
  • Party Girl. Finally, Roxy is tasked with planning and hosting the summer and winter office parties. Without her, we would all be forever confined to our offices.


Staff Coordinator, Lindsey Lucius
you know her, you love her, she HELPED train you.
But, what is she actually here for?

(ROXY IS LINDSEY's stand-in during her maternity leave.)

 Contact Lindsey at or 512/550-4785

Contact Lindsey at
or 512/550-4785

  • Staff Support & Mentoring. Lindsey will gladly listen to your frustrations, suggestions, concerns, and affirmations about the way we do things around here. Really. Go talk to her! She is also available for one-on-one coaching about your professional development. If you are reaching for your next level of growth, Lindsey is a great resource. Should you want to get personal guidance regarding your professional development, please schedule time with Lindsey. She will guide and support your desire to hone your clinical and business skills.
  • All things policy and procedure. How do I...? How does the agency...? Where do we...? Lindsey has been here since day one of Therapy Austin. She knows how we get things done and she's available to guide you.
  • New-Hire Training and Clinical Topic Training. Lindsey conducts a portion of the training for new hires, and has created and maintains the curriculum for all agency training and check-ins. She loves feedback and is here to support you from day one! Lindsey will serve as trainer in three of the annual Clinical Topics Trainings.
  • Peer Consultation Group. Lindsey runs our weekly Peer Consultation group at the Central and North office locations. If you have any questions, concerns, or praise, take them to her.


She's On it. she makes everything look and feel better.
oh, and she loves to shop.

 Contact Anne at or 310/871-7665   

Contact Anne at
or 310/871-7665


  • Toilet paper, light bulbs, paper clips, tea.  It's a glamorous job and Anne is happy to do it. Please help her by making a note on the supplies lists when you notice something is running low. If we are completely out of something imperative, please text her at 310/871-7665.
  • Building Maintenance & Office Machines. You know the thing about the bees and the bats? If not, lucky you. For those of us who were here for the bee infestation of 2014 and the bat rescue of 2015, we know how treacherous these working conditions can be. Anne is available for any and all maintenance and mechanical concerns or hiccups. Please contact her when you notice an issue or need in one of our offices. And, if she doesn't want to do it, she'll just ask for one of you to help!
  • Business cards. If you are out of business cards, let Anne know. She won't let your clients leave empty handed!
  • Money, money, money. Lost track of a client's check? Noticed the cash envelope has gone missing? Hopefully 'no' to both of these! But if you have any questions or needs around client cash or check payments and receipts, Anne is the one to go to.
  • New-Hire Training. Anne knows a thing or two, and she'll share some of that as part of your new-hire training.
  • Staff Community. Anne keeps the pulse on how we can contribute to your growth and learning, and she acknowledges who you are to us! She will celebrate your birthday and will honor your achievements.


communications coordinator, claire perella baxter.
She's calm, she's precise, and she is basically our internal affairs agent.
scared? of this friendly face? C'mon.

 Contact Claire at or 512/484-5711

Contact Claire at
or 512/484-5711

  • HIPAA Police & Routine Training. In today's world of healthcare, every provider and organization who handles Personal Health Information needs a HIPAA agent. Claire watches over and reminds us how to keep our client's information as secure as possible. She'll let you know early on about HIPAA guidelines at Therapy Austin, and will bug you if you stay long enough about keeping it up. Claire will also be a trainer for one of our annual Clinical Topics trainings.
  • Forms, forms, forms. Client forms, agency handbooks, staff resources pages, Claire is tasked with maintaining all of those AND keeping them pretty. Please pass on helpful resources (articles, worksheets, handouts, tools, etc.) to her so she can share them with the rest of your colleagues. She has also been here since day one and really enjoys sharing her institutional knowledge. Please call her if you want any advice or support. (This career really suits her!)
  • Staff Exits. Should you ever leave Therapy Austin, which we hope you never, ever will, Claire will facilitate transferring your clients, will conduct an exit interview with you, and will collect all the agency belongings you've been entrusted with. This is a formal four to six week process and we ask that you follow her direction every step of the way.


Training Coordinator, Gina Rodriguez
Powerhouse in a petite package.

 Contact Gina at or 512/944-9930

Contact Gina at
or 512/944-9930

  • Staff Trainings. Gina is in charge of scheduling, promoting, and hosting professional trainings we have here at Therapy Austin most second and third Fridays. If you have a request or suggestion for a training, send them her way. She will provide the CEU certificates for any CEU-level trainings you attend here.
  • Simple Practice, Ring Central, Email, Bios & Portraits. Gina sets up each of your accounts. She can answer most questions regarding those systems. She will continue to oversee securing and posting your portraits and bios on our website. If you'd ever like to revise your bio, Gina is your point-person.
  • Learning Resources. There is a library at the North location. Check it out! Gina oversees management of it. If you have library suggestions or needs, give Gina a shout.
  • New-Hire Trainer. Gina will lead a new section of our new-hire training days, delving into proper note-taking, good supervision and enrichment. 


Clinical Advisor, DeLinda Spain
She's wise. she's comforting. she knows complexities.

 Contact DeLinda at 512/771-9313

Contact DeLinda at 512/771-9313

If you have a client who is experiencing suicidal ideation, homicidal ideation, self-harm, psychosis, or disordered eating, Therapy Austin wants to know about it. Tell DeLinda, or one of the other Coordinators. If you have a client with disordered eating, we require that you consult with DeLinda on those cases. (You are expected to consult with your clinical supervisor of record about such cases, as well.)
— Danielle Hayes & Ellen Lindsey
  • Frontline for Client Emergencies and Severe Behavioral issues. DeLinda contracts with our agency to offer additional support to staff counselors and provide expertise on complex cases. She has been in some rocky situations with clients. She can talk you through what it's like to call the mental health deputies, what it's like to talk with someone who is currently experiencing psychosis, and what it's like to decompress after such experiences. DeLinda is tasked with keeping records of contact with you about cases involving SI/HI and self-harm. This is intended to help protect you, our clients, and the agency. Text her to set up a time for consultation.
  • Frontline for Eating Disorder Cases. DeLinda is an expert in the disordered eating field and needs to hear from you if you suspect or know that your client is experiencing disordered eating. Text her to set up a time for consultation.
  • Monthly Clinical Consultation Group. DeLinda is here for us in many ways. You'll see her in the office every once in a while, but mostly when she holds a monthly group clinical consultation meeting for Therapy Austin counselors on Fridays. Check the TA Training calendar for dates, times, locations. This is a time for you to receive her feedback on any behavioral or complex cases you have, and to learn from DeLinda's guidance to other counselors sharing similar cases.
  • Training. DeLinda woos us with her knowledge and expertise and we are so fortunate to have her as our own resource. She offers one CEU-level Clinical Topics trainings every month. Check out our calendar and sign up today!


Super Helper, Donna Sivan 
She's thorough, she's dedicated, she's our trusted super helper.

 Contact Donna at or 512/201-4501, ext. 120

Contact Donna at
or 512/201-4501, ext. 120

  • Weekly Agency Email. In an effort to keep your inbox manageable, Therapy Austin posts agency announcements once a week, instead of the once-every-five-minutes we come up with one. Donna is our Announcer. If you have anything you would like to go in there, send it Donna's way. She also promotes the online resources housed on this site. 
  • Overseer of Outstanding Balances. It can be challenging to keep up with the administrative responsibilities of being a therapist. As an agency, we deem it highly important to keep all client records up-to-date. Donna reviews all of our counselors' Simple Practice accounts regularly to check for any issues with record-keeping or fee-collection. If you are behind, she will reach out to you and offer support.
  • Write-offs of Outstanding Balances. If you have followed all the procedures in the current handbook for pursuing payment from a client, but it is not forthcoming, please notify Donna of the amount, client code, and date you are closing their file.


Handy Testing Pro, Joseph Porter
Friendly, Smart and Handy???!!! This guy is an MVP at TA.

 Contact Joseph at or 512/201-4501, ext 134

Contact Joseph at
or 512/201-4501, ext 134

  • MBTI and STRONG assessments for you and clients. Joseph is point-of-contact for handling the MBTI/STRONG online testing we offer to you and to our clients. These are really useful assessments that can help you in your work with career explorations, couples work and can help a client understand their ways of being and their strengths in relation to themselves, to others, and to their working life.
  • Facilities & Maintenance Assistant. Joseph has graciously signed on to help Anne with maintenance issues in our offices. If you see any repairs that need to be made and can't find Anne, please contact Joseph for help.