Steve Cheney, LPC Intern
Supervised by John. L. Garcia, Ed.D., LPC-S

 Steve works at  MAIN, ANNEX & NORTH   Call him at 512/201-4501, ext. 172

Steve works at MAIN, ANNEX & NORTH

Call him at 512/201-4501, ext. 172

As a counselor, it is my responsibility to establish and maintain a safe environment to explore issues that are important to you. Our mental health can be affected by many things, such as our emotions, memories, thoughts, relationships, jobs, pets, childhood, school, spirituality, finances, illnesses, sexuality, physical health, and our losses including, but not limited to, death.

When we are experiencing extreme distress in these areas, it can leave us unsure of what to do and how to be. Even when we are not experiencing distress, therapy can still be beneficial for individual and relational development to expand and enrich our life experience.

Seeking the help of a counselor can be one way of addressing these concerns, especially since it can be awkward and uncomfortable to discuss these issues with our friends and loved ones. Whether it is for individual or couples counseling, I will do my best to offer you a trained ear and empathic objectivity.

As a step-father, husband, and counselor, I am continually being influenced in many ways that amplify my appreciation for the complexity of change and the need to connect with others. These experiences, along with my professional training, have equipped me with a strong commitment to counseling and a living compassion for helping others.

I’ve been working in a private practice setting for over three years and completed a clinical internship at a local community mental health center serving children, adolescents, and adult individuals, couples, and families. I have specialized training in several types of therapy, including Emotionally Focused Therapy, Modern Analytic, and Marital, Couples, and Family Counseling. I earned a Master of Arts degree in Professional Counseling from Texas State University and am a National Certified Counselor. Some issues I work well with include anxiety, grief and loss, life transitions, relationship issues and anger management.

I hope this provides you a glimpse of my philosophy. If you have any questions or would like to discuss scheduling an appointment, I invite you to contact me at 512/201-4501, ext. 172 or fill out a request form. I look forward to hearing from you.