Sheryl Boyd, LPC

 Sheryl works at  NORTH   Call her at 512/201-4501, ext. 146

Sheryl works at NORTH

Call her at 512/201-4501, ext. 146

Welcome to Therapy Austin! Experiencing significant life changes that come with time is something we all inevitably experience. Sometimes change and hardships come by our choosing and sometimes they do not. Knowing that you don’t have to face it alone can make all the difference. The counseling relationship can be one of the most rewarding relationships a person will ever cultivate, and my goal is to help my clients feel as safe and welcome as possible.

My training in Trauma-Focused CBT as well as Attachment Theory inform my work in helping clients build their narrative so they can better understand how they arrived where they are and for clarity on what is the next right step for them. I have experience working with anxiety and depression, relationship issues, grief and loss, parenting concerns, childhood trauma, stress and anger management, and intrusive and negative thoughts to name a few. In the past I have also hosted Art Therapy and self-care workshops, as well as women’s small groups. I use mindfulness techniques and aim to help clients develop a more compassionate inner voice, working within a collaborative framework and focusing on you with a Person-Centered approach.  

For my own self-care, I enjoy traveling the globe, playing pranks with my family (and on my family!), reading, listening to swing/jazz music, gardening, hiking, and baking. I am newer to Austin, but am enjoying the many outdoor activities in this great city.

To schedule an appointment, you may click here or call me directly at 512/201-4501, ext. 146.