sheilah murphy, lpc intern
supervised by juliane taylor shore, lpc-s, lmft-s

Sheilah works at ANNEX & NORTH Call her at 512/201-4501, ext. 142

Sheilah works at ANNEX & NORTH

Call her at 512/201-4501, ext. 142

Many of us want the same things in life: to experience satisfaction and purpose in our work; to feel connected and secure in our relationships; to not have to work so hard all the time just to feel good. In fact, we’d really love to experience joy and ease and connection instead of feeling anxious, stressed-out and emotionally disconnected. Why does it seem so hard?

Difficulties in life and with relationships may arise from a variety of sources such as early developmental trauma, lack of good role models, stressful life events, genetic predisposition and even just bad luck. Sometimes the relationship most in need of attention is the one we have with ourselves. My approach goes beyond traditional talk therapy in an integrated, research-supported body/brain process directed toward creating deep, lasting change.

Perhaps the most important work we will do together in therapy is developing and honing your ability to observe your thoughts, emotions and bodily sensations with curiosity, compassion and acceptance. So much of our suffering comes not from the events in our lives, but rather from our endless attempts to change, fix, analyze and control them. We can be so hard on ourselves and on those we love! Interestingly, the better we are able to let go of that impulse to control, the more connected we feel to ourselves and others. Accepting what is at any given moment liberates us from the fears and self-sabotaging behaviors that hold us back in our lives and in our relationships. From there all healing begins.

We are all seeking that particular combination of circumstances in which we can most fully inhabit our best selves. I have discovered that helping others become happier, stronger and more connected allows me to be my best self. Whether as a teacher at the University of Texas, mother of three, writer, traveler, dancer, romantic partner, sister, daughter or friend, the common denominator in all my life experiences has been my passion for understanding myself and others and finding ways for us to tap into our creative, curious, joyful and intuitive best selves. Try as we might, we cannot achieve that alone. 

In my free time you’ll find me hiking the greenbelt, swimming at Deep Eddy, dancing, practicing yoga, and maintaining treasured connections with my family and friends. Please feel free to contact me at 512/201-4501, ext. 142, or by requesting an appointment with me on our Get Started page. I look forward to hearing from you.