Sara Paules, LPC

 Sara works at  MAIN & ANNEX   Call her at 512/201-4501, ext. 136

Sara works at MAIN & ANNEX

Call her at 512/201-4501, ext. 136

Are you wanting to improve your relationship or sex life only to be left frustrated when expectations aren’t met? Are you struggling with feelings of guilt after cheating on your partner for reasons you still don’t really understand? Has sex with your partner turned into a power struggle, an ongoing series of battles in the war of intimacy, or something you’ve given up on entirely? Do you find that stress from dealing with difficult parents interferes with being able to relax and enjoy your life? Are you struggling with managing stress now that you're newly married/partnered? If any of these concerns sound agonizingly familiar, I want to help.

My name is Sara- a therapist, a lover of tacos, coffee, and yoga pants. I help people reconnect with lost curiosity and playfulness by working through areas of shame and anxiety. I take a sex-positive approach to therapy and enjoy working with the poly, kink, and LGBTQ communities, as well as adult individuals who are stressed out by difficult parents.

Although I work with all the clients and issues I mentioned above, the clients I see most identify as one of two types of people: individuals who feel constantly rejected by their partner(s) when they make sexual advances, and individuals who feel guilty, as though there’s something wrong with them, for having lower sexual desire than their partner(s); smart, busy, successful people in loving relationships who just feel “off” in their relationship or sex life. 

Many of my clients tend to begin therapy feeling low, stressed out or even depressed, truly believing that there must be something wrong with them. No matter the reason you are seeking therapy or wanting to work with me, I can say for sure that there is absolutely nothing wrong with you, your sexuality or the feelings you are having. Because we live in a society where these concerns are often not openly talked about, the issue of how mental health impacts sexuality ends up becoming one of the most common reasons for seeking therapy. You deserve to embrace and love your unique differences and feel confident in who you are!

Struggling with issues around parental stress, shame, how to be a good partner and/or sexuality can feel incredibly frustrating and embarrassing. I provide a safe, confidential space for you to explore these concerns with ease and support. I translate the science of neuroscience, attachment, sexuality, trauma, gender and feminine studies to the types of issues you are struggling with. I work with you to disarm any fear, shame, or anxiety you have in order to rebuild your sense of playfulness and curiosity. You deserve to stop surviving and start thriving. Let’s work together to quiet that inner critic and strengthen the loving, nurturing voice you already have inside you!  

If you would like to reach me by phone to talk about your needs and how we might work together, please call 512/201-4501, ext. 136. I will return your call within 24 business hours. You may also contact me by filling out an appointment request on the Get Started page. I look forward to hearing from you.