Lindsey Lucius, LCSW

Counselor and Staff coordinator

 Lindsey works at  ANNEX   Call her at 512/201-4501, ext. 105

Lindsey works at ANNEX

Call her at 512/201-4501, ext. 105

I love making space for my clients-for who they are, what they feel, what's happened to them, and how they were affected. Life happens to all of us-understandably, we all go through struggles. To be human! It can be so tough at times. Every person is wonderfully unique and what they need from therapy may differ. My primary goal is to first listen and understand, and then collaborate and shape our work toward your specific needs. 

My clients and colleagues tell me I'm accepting, genuine and caring. Throughout the therapy process, I find the right moments with my clients to laugh and be playful, and connect person to person. I believe empathy, kindness, deep care, transparency, reflection, and honoring who you are is the basis of any trusting therapy relationship. 

The therapy room offers a framework to connect with yourself, work through difficult emotions, and unveil the answers within you. Every behavior, feeling, and thought process serves, or served at one time, a very important function. If you can gently begin to access and listen to the hurt, the scared, the shamed or the protective parts of you, you can find what they need. This is the place of hope and shift. My training and experience helps me gently get people to these places to slowly re-work the big feelings, the stuck beliefs, or the behavior that no longer serves you. Our work will tap into your strengths and find the resources that you need to let your healing unfold.

Through connecting and working with your inner world, you can start to grow kinder towards yourself, feel more in sync with all parts of yourself, and have more freedom to respond the way you would like to in the present. 

I've been counseling since 2011, working with trauma, relationship difficulties, substance abuse, anxiety, depression, relationship anxiety, people pleasing, struggles with guilt and shame, and high sensitivity. As a highly-sensitive person myself, I'm especially attuned to others, which can be really useful as a counselor but challenging out in the big world. Depending on your needs, we may use specific techniques like EMDR, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, cognitive strategies, mindfulness and self-compassion techniques (a more detailed explanation of these therapies and how they can help can be found on the Types of Treatment page).

I've lived in Austin most of my life. I love learning about people and healing, dancing, cats, and spending time with my husband. 

If any of what I've described sounds like it would be helpful to you, please reach out. You can fill out this form and request me, or you can call me directly at 512/201-4501 ext. 105. Thank you for taking the time to read this page. I wish you well.