agency directors

With over twenty years of combined clinical experience, Danielle Hayes and Ellen Lindsey oversee the staff and daily operations at Therapy Austin.


agency directors

With over twenty years of combined clinical experience, Danielle Hayes and Ellen Lindsey oversee the staff and daily operations at Therapy Austin.

Founded in the spring of 2012, Therapy Austin is a reduced-fee counseling agency located in central Austin, whose mission is to provide high quality mental health services to adult clients with limited resources and full schedules. We offer a nontraditional sliding scale and flexible hours to our clients.





Co-founders Ellen Lindsey and Danielle Hayes have officed together for many years. With social work a common background, they have shared many cases, trained jointly, and even purchased an office space together. Over the course of their professional relationship, they discovered that their styles are complementary and their career goals compatible.    

Once Danielle and Ellen were settled in their new permanent office, they set out to launch an internal agency that could serve the mental health concerns of people in need in our community. The Therapy Austin staff is hand-picked from the finest of Austin's counseling and social work graduates. As co-directors of the agency, Ellen and Danielle share in the day-to-day functioning of this agency and in developing their vision - providing a rich training ground to promising interns and affordable and accessible services to the people of Austin.


Danielle Hayes, LCSW 

co-founder, co-director

Danielle Hayes brings a wealth of experience and training to her service at Therapy Austin. During her eleven years as a social worker, she has worked with many populations of all socio-economic backgrounds and with clients of varied mental health needs. She has treated adults and adolescents, welcoming all ethnicities, orientations and affiliations. Currently, she runs her own private practice, treating depression, anxiety, addiction, abuse, trauma, eating disorders, relationship issues, and impulse control issues. She is trained in Psychodynamic Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and EMDR and is certified in Conflict Resolution.  To learn more about Danielle's private practice, visit her website.



Ellen Lindsey, LCSW

co-founder, co-director

Since 2003, Ellen has run her own private practice serving adults who present with struggles in relationships, anxiety, grief, divorce and life transitions. She works with clients from a strengths-based perspective, building on qualities they have, instead of focusing on what is missing. Her training includes Psychodynamic Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, Focussing, EMDR, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Find out more about Ellen's private practice by visiting her website.




Roxanne Watson, LPC

Assistant director

Roxanne joined Therapy Austin in 2015 as part of the counseling staff. She loved the agency so much, she agreed to join our Leadership Team and stay on full-time, both as counselor and administrator. As a Coordinator, her commitment, dedication, and strength of leadership shone through, which made her the ideal choice for Assistant Director, a new position created in 2018. Roxanne oversees our recruitment process and assists the directors in visioning our continued development.





Clinical Director

DeLinda is an expert clinician and a passionate educator. In her role at Therapy Austin, she offers clinical consultation and training to our counseling staff, both one-on-one and in groups. With the gifts of experience, wisdom, approachability and compassion, she is a cherished leader and mentor in our agency. Staff need never feel lost in a challenging case, because DeLinda is readily available, with a bright light to guide their way.



Therapy Austin is dedicated to the ongoing growth and training of our counseling staff. We offer more than twenty-five CEU-level courses every year to our employees, which means we work with a fantastic crew of trainers! Meet them here.


Therapy Austin is dedicated to the ongoing growth and training of our counseling staff. We offer more than twenty-five CEU-level courses every year to our employees, which means we work with a fantastic crew of trainers! Meet them here.



DeLinda has been a practicing therapist in Austin for almost 20 years. She herself has trained extensively over the years and appreciates and enjoys the process of learning and teaching. Over the past few years she has had the pleasure of presenting at several international conferences, including traveling to St. Petersburg, Russia to teach other clinicians Group Psychotherapy. DeLinda has enjoyed being a clinical supervisor, consultant and teacher. DeLinda is Clinical Director of Therapy Austin and offers additional support to staff counselors, while providing expertise on disordered eating, severe behavioral issues and other complex cases. 


Ann Stoneson, LPC-S


Ann has a knack for inspiring beginning counselors as they design and launch their private practices. She wants to give new therapists permission to develop and market their practices their way, with personalized strategies that honor their innate gifts and personality. Ann has been writing and speaking about post-graduate planning since 2011 at counselinginterns.com and beginningcounselor.com. As a therapist, Ann offers therapy in Austin for people-pleasers-folks who are “allergic” to saying no-and counseling for new moms. She is an avid student of Attachment Theory, Internal Family Systems, EMDR therapy, clinical supervision, and Interpersonal Neurobiology. In addition to her own private practice, Ann directs a sliding scale clinic, Counseling South Austin. Discover more about Ann's practice here.


Amelia Canally, LCSW, CGP


Amelia has been working in private practice and agency settings as an individual, couple and group therapist since 2000. She enjoys the ongoing learning and evolution within a private practice and the vitality and flexibility that come with the work. She loves working with couples because there is never a dull moment-so much potential for connection, attunement and repair. And it can be fun! She is trained in Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy (PACT), Somatic Experiencing and EMDR. She is married with three kids and has called Austin home since 1998. Learn more about Amelia's private practice here



Juliane Taylor Shore, LPC-S, LMFT-S


Jules has been in private practice specializing in trauma recovery and couples counseling for 10 years. She is the Founder and Clinical Director of IPNB Psychotherapy of Austin, which is a post graduate training center for therapists in South Austin. She teaches Interpersonal Neurobiology, Trauma Recovery and Couples Counseling in many venues throughout Austin. Jules loves talking about therapy and teaching as much as she loves being with clients. She promotes relational and experiential work and is so thrilled to be a part of Therapy Austin's training team to help their budding clinicians improve their skills and confidence. When she is not in the therapy chair, she can be found having outdoor adventures with her husband and four year old daughter, taking in a silly movie or reading the Harry Potter series again (yes, she's obsessed). Learn more about Jules and her practice here.

Samantha Symons, M.D.


Samantha Symons, M.D. is a board certified psychiatrist with a successful private practice combining medication management and psychotherapy. Dr. Symons graduated from the Liberal Arts Honors Program with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Texas at Austin, and earned her Medical Degree from Southwestern Medical School in Dallas. She completed her residency in Psychiatry at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, S.C. with a focus on Psychodynamic psychotherapy. In her final year of residency, she was Chief Resident in charge of managing the Residents Therapy Clinic and earned numerous awards for teaching and supervising residents. In addition to her private practice, Dr. Symons is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at Dell Medical School. She has supervised residents on clinical cases since 2005. She is a reoccurring lecturer on Women in Healthcare for the University of Texas Signature Undergraduate Course & Plan II Seminars. Dr. Symons has a special interest in developing collaboration between psychiatrists and advanced practice nurse practitioners and increasing access to psychiatric treatment in the Austin community.

Tracy Deagan LCSW, LPC-S


Tracy is the founder of Violet Crown Counseling practice and is an in depth psychotherapist. She provides alternative-friendly and knowledgeable psychotherapy, and works with individuals, couples, families, and teenagers. Tracy specializes in helping folks find balance in their relationship with themselves and others, while drawing from a Relational Multicultural Theory perspective blended with Ego Analytical thought. Her expertise is in Open/Polyamorous/Nontraditional Relationships but also possesses 30 years of skills in Monogamous intimate relationships, Communication at work and home, EMDR, as well as working with trauma, PTSD, healthy multiplicity, anxiety, mood disorders and sense of self/self-esteem are all often part of her work. Tracy strongly believes in assisting each person/couple/family member achieve the most positive state they can, and to gain the skills to express themselves too. Please read more about her practice here.


Claire Perella Baxter, LCSW


Claire is a Staff Counselor and Communications Coordinator here at Therapy Austin. For the past 5 years, she has focused much of her work with clients at Therapy Austin on current relationship issues, healing from unhealthy or abusive relationships in the past, and healing from sexual abuse or assault. Claire began to focus her interest in the field of domestic violence and sexual assault while completing graduate-level coursework with Noel Busch-Armendariz, Associate Dean for Research at the UT School of Social Work and Director of the Institute on Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault. Claire participated in a research project at the Texas Council on Family Violence, and engaged in extensive training for seven months at SafePlace in 2012, working as a counseling intern with survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. Since then, Claire has focused much of her consultation and training on issues related to complex trauma. Read more about her approach here


Christine Molina. LCSW


Christine has been a staff counselor at Therapy Austin since 2014. Her approach to counseling draws from both relational and evidenced-based therapies, including the Relational-Cultural Model, EMDR Therapy, DBT, and CBT. She is passionate about neurodiversity and enjoys helping people with different thinking and learning styles (such as ADHD) learn to navigate challenges and tap into their natural strengths and abilities. In addition to working at Therapy Austin, Christine has worked in inpatient and intensive outpatient settings as well as social service agencies and medical centers. Learn more about Christine here.



Adam began his work in mental health in 2013 and, ever since, has deeply explored clinical topics and interests including serious mental illness, developmental trauma, attachment issues, sexuality and gender issues, and Open/Poly/Kink relationships. He loves working in therapy with individuals and couples who have suffered through pain and who want to break free of it. He uses a relational approach to Mindfulness, EMDR, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Compassion-Focused Therapy (CFT) in the therapy room. Outside of those walls, he enjoys mentoring new graduate students and training healthcare professionals in a wealth of topics including Crisis Intervention, LGBTQ-affirming practices, and Motivational Interviewing. Being a part of training staff for Motivational Interviewing trainings at the University of Texas at Austin School of Social Work and the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, one could say he’s quite “motivated” to get new clinicians excited about the modality. Read more about him here.



Joseph provides training to Therapy Austin staff on two assessments offered to clients, the Strong Interest Inventory and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. These assessments may be utilized to interpret personality preferences, how life choices are made and areas of career interest and options. Prior to becoming a practicing psychotherapist at Therapy Austin, Joseph worked for twenty years in corporate operations management and sales. He managed large teams of employees (25+) and was responsible for their training, professional development and collaboratively crafting their career paths. Joseph successfully transitioned between careers multiple times and is passionate about assisting others identify potential career paths that allow their individual personalities to merge with their interests. Find more information about him here.