Hayden Lindsey, LPC Intern
Supervised by Dena Roberts, LPC-S

 Hayden works at  ANNEX   Call him at 512/201-4501, ext. 161

Hayden works at ANNEX

Call him at 512/201-4501, ext. 161

Hello and welcome! My name is Hayden, and I am grateful that technology has allowed our digital paths to cross. I am humbled to share with you a little about myself, my experience, and my approach, and I wish you the best in whatever comes next for you.

As I imagine you reading this, I am tempted to congratulate you for taking an important step towards getting better. Yet, I know that you, like me, are on a continuous journey. Your own personal recovery began long before you knew I existed, and it will continue long after we go our separate ways. That’s because everything you need is already within you.

Psychotherapy in its truest form is not some modern construction that we impose artificially. Rather, it is the re-establishment of a natural healing process. This understanding provides the foundation for the work we will do together, and I aim to spend much of our time helping you tune into the value of your own experience. Even your most painful ordeals, the ones you would have foregone had you known better, can become part of your wisdom if properly held.

Although the healing process is a natural one, sometimes we get stuck. Fortunately, we don’t have to go it alone, nor are we meant to. As a relational therapist, I honor our inherent interconnectedness as human beings. I also honor the distress we experience when this connection is lacking. I recognize that the "personal problems" that bring people to therapy are often silhouetted against a backdrop of disconnection. I help my clients use their relationships as crucibles of growth and healing, and I have a particular passion for helping couples build fulfilling intimate relationships to pass on to their children.

I also draw increasingly from body-inclusive approaches. Recognizing the powerful need we all have to feel safe and secure in our own bodies, I seek to help clients become grounded in their biological selves. Analyzing problems alone does not always lead to this felt sense of safety and can actually increase emotional and physiological dysregulation. I use a variety of scientifically-based interventions to promote the re-regulation of the nervous system that is foundational to healthy self-image and secure, functional relationships.

I have many tools to assist my clients in coming home to themselves, but ultimately only they know the way. Consequently, you can expect much collaboration, frequent check-ins, and openness to feedback about our sessions. I understand that it’s easy to feel in the dark about the process of therapy, and I take great care to provide a stable yet flexible structure to guide our work. As vital as it is for me to help you learn how to do therapy, it is even more important that you feel empowered to teach me how to be your therapist. You can expect to be greeted with open arms, a non-judgmental attitude, and my personal commitment to understanding you on your terms.

When not engaged in the beautiful work of therapy, I can be found making music, enjoying Austin’s wonderful outdoor spaces, or practicing martial arts. Most of all, I like to spend time with my wife Amy, who has taught me more about the challenges and rewards of relationships than I could have ever learned from any book! If you’d like to see about scheduling an appointment, please fill out a request form or call me at 512/201-4501, ext. 161. I look forward to connecting with you.