How much does counseling cost?

The going rate is about $150 per session, but at Therapy Austin, we are committed to affordable therapy. Our rates are as low as $85. For more information about our fees, move on down to the Fees & Locations page.

Where are you located?

You are asking good questions. We have three office suites. Two are centrally located at Burnet Road and 51st Street and our north office is at Steck and Shoal Creek. A map and directions are given on Fees & Locations page.

Do you take insurance?

We do not process any insurance claims at our office. Many insurance companies will reimburse you some percentage of the money you spend on therapy. Call your insurance company to ask them how that works and if they will reimburse you for services provided by Therapy Austin counselors.

Can I get free therapy?  

You may be able to find free counseling services at some of the agencies who get funding from governmental entities. Therapy Austin does not get any outside funding and is not able to offer free counseling. If you can not afford at least $75 every week for counseling, then our agency is not the best choice for you.

What is sliding scale? 

A standard sliding scale determines your fee depending on what your income is. We don't offer that. Instead we offer many low-fee spots, which we give out based on availability and the honor system. If you say you can't afford full-fee, we believe you. You may choose a discounted fee of $95 or $85. Our low-fee spots are limited in number and are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.  

What are your extended hours?

We have some early-bird counselors willing to see clients at 7am on weekdays. We also have night-owls who will schedule appointments as late as 9pm on weekdays. On the weekends, we offer sessions from 9am up to 8pm. When you fill out the request form, you can let us know what times work for you.

What can I expect in counseling?

We're going to send you back to the first page for that one.

Who's running this place?

Therapy Austin was founded by two counselors who have been in private practice for years here. 

You didn't answer my question.

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