agency directors

With over twenty years of combined clinical experience, Danielle Hayes and Ellen Lindsey oversee the staff and daily operations at Therapy Austin.


agency directors

With over twenty years of combined clinical experience, Danielle Hayes and Ellen Lindsey oversee the staff and daily operations at Therapy Austin.

Founded in the spring of 2012, Therapy Austin is a reduced-fee counseling agency located in central Austin, whose mission is to provide high quality mental health services to adult clients with limited resources and full schedules. We offer a nontraditional sliding scale and flexible hours to our clients.

Co-founders Ellen Lindsey and Danielle Hayes have officed together for many years. With social work a common background, they have shared many cases, trained jointly, and even purchased an office space together. Over the course of their professional relationship, they discovered that their styles are complementary and their career goals compatible.    

Once Danielle and Ellen were settled in their new permanent office, they set out to launch an internal agency that could serve the mental health concerns of people in need in our community. The Therapy Austin staff is hand-picked from the finest of Austin's counseling and social work graduates. As co-directors of the agency, Ellen and Danielle share in the supervision of the interns and all the day-to-day functioning of this agency.




Danielle Hayes, LCSW 

Danielle Hayes brings a wealth of experience and training to her service at Therapy Austin. During her eleven years as a social worker, she has worked with many populations of all socio-economic backgrounds and with clients of varied mental health needs. She has treated adults and adolescents, welcoming all ethnicities, orientations and affiliations. Currently, she runs her own private practice, treating depression, anxiety, addiction, abuse, trauma, eating disorders, relationship issues, and impulse control issues. She is trained in Psychodynamic Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and EMDR and is certified in Conflict Resolution.  To learn more about Danielle's private practice, visit her website.






Ellen Lindsey, LCSW

Since 2003, Ellen has run her own private practice serving adults who present with struggles in relationships, anxiety, grief, divorce and life transitions. She works with clients from a strengths-based perspective, building on qualities they have, instead of focusing on what is missing. Her training includes Psychodynamic Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, Focussing, EMDR, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Find out more about Ellen's private practice by visiting her website.


Danielle and Ellen have full faith in the counselors on their staff. To inquire about contracting for services with one of them, please fill out the appointment request form or call 512-201-4501.



As one of the few private agencies in town that employees new therapists, Therapy Austin is quickly becoming a sought-after place of employment.


As one of the few private agencies in town that employees new therapists, Therapy Austin is quickly becoming a sought-after place of employment.

Employment Opportunities for Counselors

We are currently accepting applications for part-time therapists who can commit to seeing 10-15 clients a week, including one weekend shift. 

We do not offer any practicums or field placements for pre-graduates.

Please do not make phone inquiries.

Our mission at Therapy Austin is to provide high-quality counseling at affordable rates with flexible evening, early morning and weekend hours. We accomplish this by hiring the best and brightest emerging clinicians in Austin and providing them with a rich training-ground where they can learn and grow.

Our business has the feel of a private-practice setting with the infrastructure of a thriving agency. Our counseling staff has the opportunity to develop the art of psychotherapy in an organization that encourages autonomy and independence, while also offering a robust flow of clients, beautiful spaces to work in, and a supportive structure of policies, procedures and resources.

Ideal candidates have a strong clinical background, a breadth of life experience, are highly organized and self-motivated, and are willing to work at least one shift on a weekend day and one weekday night or early-morning shift for an extended period of time. They are interested in learning how to practice long-term therapy, and therefore envision working at Therapy Austin for two or more years.

All positions begin as part-time, with a commitment to carry a minimum of 13 clients on a caseload, and to conduct a minimum of 10 sessions per week. With growth and diligent adherence to the agency’s values and expectations, staff who are interested in expanding their hours will have the opportunity to do so.


  • Willing to commit to conducting a minimum of four sessions on the weekend and four sessions on a weekday night or during an early morning shift
  • Currently licensed as an LMSW, LPC Intern, or LMFT Associate or higher
  • Intern or associate-level applicants must have their own board-approved supervisor on file

Benefits of working for Therapy Austin:

  • All client leads and all marketing efforts are provided by the agency, not required of the clinicians
  • Opportunity to treat individual adults and couples in long-term work
  • Membership in a robust agency of very happy coworkers
  • Weekly peer consultation meetings, lead by fully licensed staff
  • Access to in-depth case consultation with an outside, consulting, expert clinician
  • Direct hands-on experience in a private practice setting
  • W-2 employment status
  • Access to video, written, and online training material
  • Guidance for developing the business skills needed to develop a private practice
  • A fantastic staff who are eager to learn with you and support you in your growth
  • Beautiful environment for staff and clients

How to Apply:  Interested applicants should email a pdf file of their resume and a thoughtful cover letter, to Roxanne Watson, LPC, Staff Coordinator at roxanne@therapyaustin.com. Resumes should reflect the applicant’s full training, working, and educational background. Cover letters should be concise, well-written expressions of the applicant’s clinical orientation, their interest and experience in counseling, and should give an overall sense of who the applicant is and how they will show up as an employee and as a therapist.

Thank you for your interest.

We know that in Austin's counseling community there is a great desire for employment and placements in a private practice setting, but not many opportunities. Hopefully, more agencies like Therapy Austin will be formed in the future.