As one of the few private agencies in town that employs new therapists, Therapy Austin is quickly becoming a sought-after place to work as a psychotherapist serving adults and couples.



As one of the few private agencies in town that employs new therapists, Therapy Austin is quickly becoming a sought-after place to work as a psychotherapist serving adults and couples.

Employment Opportunity

We are hiring Part-Time Staff Counselors/Therapists for all locations - North, Central & South 

Please do not make phone inquiries.

Do you have a passion for practicing psychotherapy, a love of learning, a desire for community and a strong commitment to your own growth and development? If so, you might fit right in to Therapy Austin and we literally have clients waiting to work with you, and new ones reaching out every day.

Who makes a great candidate for Staff Counselor at Therapy Austin? Any therapist who is looking for a fantastic place to practice, desires a full caseload without having to market themselves, thrives in a well-structured, well-run environment, values peer relationships and the support of colleagues, enjoys practicing with autonomy, actively seeks consultation, dedicates time to expanding their knowledge and skills, strives to make professional development part of a successful career, appreciates beautiful spaces, and is interested in learning how to maintain a sustainable practice. If this is you, we invite you to apply to join the team of counselors at Therapy Austin.

We have a dual mission. Therapy Austin is committed to making high-quality therapy accessible to more Austin adults and couples by offering a range of fee options and extended weekend/evening office hours. And, we are dedicated to training, mentoring, and shaping counselors into compassionate, thoughtful, curious, clinically astute, solid practitioners with the experience, skills, depth and business acumen needed to thrive in a counseling career. We employ clinicians who are dedicated to developing their own unique craft of long-term counseling. Our counselors gain the clinical experience, professional training and business skills needed to serve clients in meaningful and sustainable ways for the long term. 

We employ novice counselors, teach them skills of competency, then train and guide them through to mastery and beyond. We provide all the clients, execute all the marketing, teach effective and unique business practices, offer a culture of support and encouragement, host robust monthly CEU-level trainings, allow direct access to ongoing expert and peer consultation, and maintain really beautiful spaces. When clients contract for services with Therapy Austin, they are benefitting from all of that. They are being served by a whole team, an organization dedicated both to their healing, growth and well-being and to their counselor’s ongoing training, development and support. We practice therapy first and foremost from a heart-centered, relational place; all further treatments and interventions flow from there. In managing this agency, we take the same relational approach and expect all counselors to share that orientation with their clients and coworkers. We remain steadfastly outside the dictates of managed care in order to maintain, along with our clients, full choice about the course of their mental health treatment.

Therapy Austin garners praise from staff as a “well-oiled machine”, maintaining effective systems, explicit policies and procedures, employing an outstanding, supportive Leadership Team, and adhering to the highest clinical and professional practices. Our counselors report learning with us what they didn’t learn in school - specific treatments, the nuances of private practice, how to work with wide-ranging clinical presentations, and how to do the business part of therapy. We are proud to offer all employees a formalized CEU-level training program along with informal mentoring and coaching. Staff counselors avail themselves of monthly clinical trainings, weekly peer consultation, weekly clinical consultation with an expert clinician, a Professional Development series, and advanced trainings for staff with tenure. Some staff choose a career path with Therapy Austin, expanding their roles by adding advanced specializations, mentoring, leadership, program development, or administrative work to their position.

Highlights of Employment

  • Constant flow of referrals – interns can easily get their hours here

  • High demand for couples therapy and individual counseling (adults only)

  • Successful marketing provided by agency

  • Independent practice, but not isolated – loads of support & laughter

  • Well-run agency with proprietary software that uniquely matches clients to counselors

  • Employment includes a free comprehensive CEU-level training program, taking any therapist from novice to competence to mastery, including both clinical and professional workshops

  • W-2 hourly employment

  • Cool Austin vibe that clients love

Qualifications for Employment

  • Licensed to provide mental health treatment in the state of Texas

  • If hired, intern or associate-level applicants must procure their own board-approved supervisor outside of the agency

  • Strong clinical background with solid experience in a psychotherapy setting

  • Highly organized, self-motivated, collaborative, curious and proactive

Job Requirements

  • Minimum time commitment: two to three shifts per week, for a starting total of 13-15 hours/week

  • Maintain a minimum of 10 sessions per week

  • Nights or weekends may be required

  • Some trainings are required

How to Apply:

Interested applicants please email a pdf file of their resume and a thoughtful cover letter to the Agency Directors at employment@therapyaustin.com. Resume should reflect your full clinical training, work, and educational background. Cover letters should be concise, well-written expressions of the applicant’s clinical orientation, their interest and experience in counseling, and should give an overall sense of who the applicant is and how they will show up as an employee and as a therapist. We really do read these, and sometimes the cover letter matters more than the resume.

We do not offer any practicums or field placements for pre-graduates.