“Being ‘the best you can be’ is really only possible when you are deeply connected to another.  Splendid isolation is for planets, not people.” Sue Johnson

About Me


As a counselor, I hope to create a reassuring and connective presence. My therapist lens is one of attachment: research supports that the way we experience and regulate our emotions is learned from early in life. Through the practice of mindful awareness and simple grounding techniques, I can work with you on slowing down your nervous system, making it easier for you to calm your inner world.

I believe that everyone deserves to be heard, and we will spend time getting to know what brought you here, explore some of your family history and chart a course toward self-acceptance.

My experience witnessing many individuals’ healing journeys inspires me to offer a safe place to assist you in recovering from the distressing effects of addiction or living with someone who is suffering from or recovering from addiction or problematic behaviors. We can examine patterns in your life that don’t serve you well, to look for healthy, healing strategies which lead to life that is congruent with your values. In addition to building resilience to bring about a life where values and actions are more aligned, I strive to encourage everyone, and especially women of all ages, to feel empowered to enhance and sustain their vitality-intellectually, emotionally, physically and sexually throughout their life.

I have experience working with parents of LGBTQI children who are beginning to question their sexuality or gender. When parents first find out, parents commonly have many conflicting and confusing emotions. As parents, we may want nothing more than to have our child happy, but we may be questioning our parenting or grieving. I can offer you a space where we can begin to unpack and examine feelings and offer additional resources which can benefit you and your child.

I have been married for many years while juggling careers, childcare and the inevitable challenges of life. After almost 20 years in healthcare, I took a right turn to build my own business around the creative world of garden design. Most recently, however, I felt called to return to graduate school to complete my Master’s degree in Counseling. This has been a huge blessing.

Having a mindfulness practice of my own, I make self-care a priority. When we take the time to slow down and take notice, we become aware of our thoughts, emotions and images which can lead us to a more intimate connection to self. When I am not seeing clients, I take long hikes in the hills with my family and dog, train in martial arts and fitness classes, practice yoga, work in the garden, embrace “patio time” relaxing, swimming and reading aloud with my husband.

I am grateful for a chance to work with you. It has been my experience that even though it may not feel like it right now, every experience - whether joyful or painful - has the potential to contribute to the richness of your life and can be deeply transformational.  I know this has been the case for me and I trust that it can also be true for you. As you cultivate a deeper, loving connection with yourself, you will open a path to inner transformation, beginning with acceptance and to understanding your truest potential.

Request an appointment with Sue here, or call her at 512/201-4501, ext. 176.


Call Sue at 512/201-4501, ext. 176




I believe that humans are born with an innate ability to be relational and connective, and without connection, we cannot thrive. I can work with you on difficulties with intimacy or differences around sexual desire, and fear around how life transitions such as retirement and job changes will affect your relationship. I am passionate about keeping relationships alive and growing to help her clients have meaningful relationships, live longer, and have healthier lives. Are you envisioning collaborating with me? Reach out now.