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Welcome to Therapy Austin! You will find this a warm and open community that desires to promote your well-being. If you are on this page, you may be contemplating beginning your journey to becoming a more healthy, resilient you, and I admire your courage! It can be difficult to ask for help, but I assure you, the first step of your journey gets easier once you have a supportive companion.

No matter how you are feeling at this moment, you are not broken. You are wired to learn, grow, and connect when the conditions are right. If your behavior, emotions, and relationships are not leading to the life you desire, I will help you discover how these difficulties make sense given your history, and have a lot to teach you about living a more fulfilling life in the future. With time, this will help you to view yourself with more compassion, understanding, and acceptance.

Many of our challenges emerge earlier in life from our best attempts to adapt to our situation. As we age our situations change, meaning some of our early adaptations outlive their usefulness, which can lead to pain and isolation. These adaptations don’t mean there’s something wrong with you, on the contrary, they mean you’re a survivor! And we can leverage that adaptive skill to lead you to the life you long for.

There is nothing more painful than feeling alone in the midst of overwhelming emotion, but all emotions are bearable if you have a supportive companion to be with you. Whether you have been wounded by your earliest relationships and experiences, or by someone or something more recently, my greatest joy as a therapist is to assure you that I will be with you until these difficulties pass if you allow me to be.

I am a DEEP (Dynamic Enriched Experiential Psychotherapy) therapist whose approach is influenced by Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB). This approach utilizes a natural part of my personality to care deeply for and with my clients. This means that I use our relationship experientially through moment-to-moment tracking of your emotional and bodily experience to unlock a deeper sense of knowing yourself and others. There will be alternating waves of experience and reflection to draw everything we can from our time together. We will process emotions through to their completion to achieve their adaptive end. From a place of security and strength, we will explore new ways for you to adapt to your present situation.

When I am not caring for clients, I enjoy date nights with my partner at Odd Duck, playing superheroes and making art and science projects with my kids, writing and playing music on guitar and ukulele, and exercising (when I’m not beat from being a dad).


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