“Anxiety can exist alongside glimpses of divinity, and it is in the dialogue between that people achieve vitality.” Kirk J. Schneider

About Me



You’ve taken the first step of exploring your needs and finding someone who can help you the best. Therapy is a unique and individualized experience between client and therapist. I believe the environment and therapeutic relationship we create is the foundation for all of our future work. It is an invaluable foundation from which to explore what is most important to you.

A major principle that permeates my therapeutic work is satisfying the human need to be heard. I believe that once people gain a deep sense of having been listened to, their meaning-making process can unfold in a safe and secure manner. I have an innate passion to see this value come to fruition in lasting ways. I believe delving into what defines you is vital so you can define your patterns and values, and gain insight into your interactions with others.

Most importantly, therapy with me involves you feeling you can be whomever you need to be or say what you need to say. I offer an array of possibilities, including open-ended discussion, meditative practices, art and music exploration, relational dynamics, developmental issues, and interpersonal anecdotes which facilitate exploration. I will be there to follow along on your journey as we discover what helps you best.

I am a graduate from Texas State University and have worked with individuals of all ages. I recently interned at Gary Job Corps in San Marcos, where I aided young adults navigate significant life transitions, battle unwanted mechanisms such as anger and substance abuse, and aided in their exploration of interests both vocationally and personally. I attend a variety of mental health lectures and workshops and have used expressive therapies, such as drawing, writing, and sand tray to help my clients find their voice.

When I am not therapizing, I spend ample time with my dog Charly and cat Susan. I also adore music, attending as many music events as I can! I am an avid reader and am always looking to add to my ever-growing personal library. I embrace sunshine and dips in the San Marcos river as often as possible, knowing nature is an excellent healer.

If you are interested in working with me, please don't hesitate to give me a call at 512/201-4501, ext. 223, or head over to our Get Started page and fill out an online request form.


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