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Welcome. Selecting a therapist well-suited to you is a critical first step, and I appreciate your consideration. In offering a thoughtful and compassionate approach that greatly values the uniqueness and individuality of each client I see, I initially work toward establishing a safe, open, trusting and non-judgmental therapeutic relationship. This approach helps to provide clients with new channels of “access” to themselves; as thoughts, feelings, behaviors and insights are considered from new and emerging perspectives, renewed hopes, desires and possibilities begin to reveal themselves. Whether working with couples or individual clients, I believe it’s essential to cultivate an active listening environment in which clients are empowered to chart their own course. As much as I “walk with” clients as they begin to navigate their own journey, I respect my clients’ freedom to define and pursue their own destinations. One of the few assumptions I make is that people generally desire happiness-the “how to get there” part begins with this self-reflective process. 

One of the aspects I love about my work is that it challenges me to broaden my own perspective as I learn from others. I recognize there is no singular “best way” to attend to every person, or every “issue,” for that matter. Or, to put it another way: what works for some may not work as well for others. When aligning with clients toward the goals and aspirations they choose, I appreciate how important it is to creatively apply the modality or approach that best enables me to meet the needs of the moment. In so doing, I often rely upon varying counseling methodologies. It is not uncommon for me to suggest, for instance, “Are you open to approaching this in a different way?” In considering a Person-Centered, Cognitive-Behavioral, Solution-Focused, or other mode, the relevant question is always: “What stands to work best for you?”     

A few background notes to share: I attained my MS degree in Clinical Counseling (Marriage and Family Therapy) from Cal State Long Beach University. As a certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator, I provide parent training, and have a passion for working with couples, single parents and families who contend with difficulties associated with autism, as well as other behavioral and learning challenges.   

Growing up the eldest of six kids in my native of Orange County, California, I have found my way over the years to proudly considering myself a naturalized Texan. I am a husband and father of a wonderful teenage son who has greatly uplifted me through the many travails and triumphs we have faced together. My son is a talented pianist and composer with many fans but none greater than his mom and myself. Outside of my professional life I enjoy reading and writing, (particularly short stories), exploring the outdoors (hiking and camping), movies, and all kinds of music, especially ambient music and lots of “old school” 70’s and 80’s stuff that somehow never gets old.

If you’d like to see about scheduling an appointment, you can complete a request form, or call me at 512/201-4501, ext. 173. I look forward to hearing from you.     


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