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I always enjoy forming new relationships with clients and honor the privilege of getting to walk with them through a part of life that may need a little extra insight and curiosity about how things could change. I greatly admire and respect people with the self-reflection and courage it takes to improve one’s life. Whether changes in our lives are intentional or forced upon us, it is always comforting and grounding to have an outside support system to aid in how we navigate new chapters. I would love to be that support system for you.

I primarily take a narrative approach to therapy but always try to give clients what they need and adapt skills and methods for each individual. I believe that therapy is a collaboration that takes trust and compassion in order to explore your needs and situation with empathy and non-judgement. I strive to be an open-minded counselor who creates a judgement free space. I love working with individuals and people in relationships from all walks of life and experience.

I have a master’s degree in English and before becoming a therapist I worked as a magazine editor, teacher, and professor of English, writing and American literature. More recently I obtained a Master of Social Work from the University of Texas at Austin. I have worked extensively with people with disabilities, LGBTQ families and adults with ADHD. My approach is highly narrative; however, I also like to incorporate attachment, mindfulness, and practical tools into my practice as well. Outside of the office, I am an animal lover and have four rescue dogs I love to take hiking around Austin. I have lived in Austin with my family for ten years and have enjoyed every moment of it. The joy I take in being a therapist is that I get to spend time with people who are truly committed to living the lives they want and being the best individuals, friends, workers, partners or parents they long to be. I find the therapeutic process empowering and appreciate witnessing it with clients. I would love to take that journey with you.

If you are interested in working together, please give me a call at 512/201-4501, ext. 189 or fill out an online request form.


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Every relationship experiences conflict, but what is important is how we learn from that conflict and work toward understanding and supporting one another. Rupture in relationships is unavoidable, but repairing those hard moments or missteps is how we become stronger and more compassionate people. I believe that all relationships are a site for growth and self-actualization and also often where our hardest emotions and past unwanted patterns emerge. It is easy to feel in a rut with a partner or stuck in a pattern that is inescapable. Therapy can be a great place for someone else to give fresh eyes to a situation and help a relationship move towards compassion, love and future goals. I am experienced with and loves to work with people in open relationships, LGBTQ couples and any relationship that faces difference. With that in mind, I also love working with parents facing unexpected challenges including adoption, fertility issues, family planning, identity or role changes and parents with children with disabilities. Life is not always what we expect and desire, and neither are our relationships. Couples counseling or relationship therapy is an act of love for someone we are dedicated to walk with through the peaks and valleys of life. I would love to help you enrich your relationship and be the partners or parents you envision.