About Me


Welcome! I relish providing counseling for individuals and couples, and am so glad you found yourself here. I feel most inspired by resilient people who have experienced failure, loss, and disappointment but continued on to become people who are wise, joyful, open, and giving. This is possible for us all when we remain curious about ourselves and others, while being open to change. I strive to be an agent for this change in my career as a therapist, and foster this growth and development in individual clients and couples.

I believe relationships provide the emotional connection and balance that all humans need. Think about when you get into a major argument with your loved one; your chest tightens, breathing becomes rapid, and your thoughts start racing. Maybe you become exhausted and need to lie down. Our relationships are as vital to human health as food, water, and shelter, and I understand disruptions and anxiety in our closest relationships can impact our health, careers, and ability to live a full life. I am here to gently help you develop healthy and positive relationships with yourself and others.  

When working with couples, I focus on emotion and building skills for managing conflict, as well as strengthening the bonds that brought you together. In individual counseling, I provide a private space for you to bring some of your inside world out into the open in order to gain perspective, insight, and a chance to modify dysfunctional patterns, opening new pathways of self-expression and interacting with the world around you.

My background includes earning a Bachelor’s degree in Communications with a focus on Human Relations from the University of Texas at Austin in 2005. That same busy year, I had my son, and 4 years later, a daughter. In 2013, I received my Master’s degree in Counseling from St. Edwards University and had another daughter the following week. Needless to say, family issues and stress are high on my list of experiences, and help guide my work and compassion for you and your related joys and struggles! I’ve additionally worked at the YWCA of Austin providing therapy for individual women and couples.

In addition to keeping my household running smoothly (enough), I enjoy kickboxing, jazz, comedy, cooking, organizing, and caring for my plants. If you’d like to see about working together, please call me at 512/201-4501, ext. 169, or complete an online request form here. I look forward to connecting soon.


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I provide a safe space where you and your partner are the experts and can explore your goals and ideal functioning of your relationship. I view relationship strengths are one of the most important factors in couples therapy, and skillfully assists you in renewing these strengths in sessions. Playing on the resilient qualities in a couple, I use Gottman principals of strengthening bonds, and emotionally focused techniques to tap into those strong reactions we have when we encounter relational stress. This allows each partner to slow down and begin to untangle months and years of displeasing patterns that couples get stuck in.