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Hi and welcome! I have often found myself on a page like this trying to read through and surmise each picture and word and still been left unsure about my next steps. So I will simply tell you that what I write here is just a small glimpse into who I am as a person and as a clinician. It’s curated to fit this format, and it is genuine and real, and yet so incomplete.

I first walked into a therapist’s office when I was a confused and hurting adolescent. I entered with crossed arms and a stubborn indifference; determined to not speak or open myself up in any way. Yet I exited, just 50 minutes later, with a newfound sense of freedom, self-understanding and hope. I was instantly transformed and even some 25 years later I can retrace my steps as a clinician to that very day.

In the years since, I have often found myself eager to once again dawn the therapy doors because I realize life simply doesn’t stop for the ever-revolving and evolving pain, trauma and changes that occur around us and to us. I believe wholeheartedly we can handle those so much more effectively if we do so in a collaborative way.

I seek to create an authentic, non-judgmental and open space for my clients. I have experience using CBT, DBT, Attachment Theory and Solution-Focused Therapy, and I believe that personal narratives and family of origin are essential to understanding you and your story.

I completed my undergrad studies at Vanderbilt University where I not only earned my degree in Human and Organizational Development, but was also a scholarship athlete on the Women’s Soccer team. I earned my Master’s of Social Work from the University of Texas at Austin. When not at Therapy Austin, I can usually be found relishing time with my husband, our three children and our English Bulldog. I still love to play just about any sport, think breakfast tacos are one of the world’s best inventions, and I count Town Lake trail as my favorite spot in Austin. If you are interested in scheduling an appointment, please call me at 512/201-4501, ext. 166 or complete a request form. I look forward to supporting you and empowering you on this journey.


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I am a fraternal twin and often liken my twin relationship to being a couple. There are two distinct and unique individuals trying to be heard and vying for space, respect, intimacy, friendship, attention, acknowledgment and love in a world where “couple” is often assumed to be the same. You are not the same and thus relationships aren’t always cohesive and joyful. They can be work and they can be very difficult, even in the best of times. I hope to work with you during whatever challenging season your relationship might be in, or just to check in for some routine maintenance to keep your relationship healthy and strong. Similar to my work with individuals, I seek to create a safe, gracious, authentic and validating space for couples. I have experience with the Gottman Method and Bowen theory, and firmly believe that family systems and dynamics, communication styles and expectations greatly impact our relationships.