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The client-therapist relationship offers a restorative and generative opportunity for clients to see themselves as they truly are, and to practice new behaviors in a safe and accepting context. How I work with each individual or couple depends on their particular needs. Clients who work with me, however, can expect to be both nurtured and challenged as they come into a deeper understanding of themselves and their experiences.

I draw largely from psychodynamic and attachment theory, as I believe that understanding past history and how it impacts current life is essential to growth and relief from repetitive negative patterns. I also work experientially with my clients. We look closely at the process by which clients relate to themselves and others, and develop a deeper capacity for authentic connection. I also incorporate Cognitive Behavioral interventions, and Interpersonal Neurobiological methods in my work, with a focus on somatic awareness and emotional regulation.

My specialties include grief and loss, life transitions, relationship repair, parenting, and recovery from alcoholism, substance abuse, and disordered eating. I have both professional and personal experience that I bring to every client relationship. Although clients are the foremost experts on themselves, I see the therapeutic relationship as collaborative, and myself as a fellow traveler on the journey. 

Prior to becoming a therapist, I served in several different professional roles. I started out in the music business, then became a Corporate Paralegal and later a Holistic Health Coach. I also have a background in working with special needs populations, children, and refugees.

When I am not seeing clients, I enjoy spending time outdoors, preferably hiking or gardening. Music and food are my passions, so on a typical Saturday night you might find me in the kitchen singing and preparing a delicious healthy meal, or playing board games with my family.

It takes great courage to dig deep and to bring rigorous honesty to therapeutic work, so it's an honor to witness the growth and transformation of my clients. Thank you for trusting me with your inner self. To see about working together, I can be reached at 512/201-4501, ext. 171, or you can complete a request form to schedule an appointment. I look forward to connecting with you.


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I help partners navigate the tricky waters of modern love; to learn where one person ends and the other begins, to distinguish the 'me' and the 'we' in the relationship. Couples today are faced with more challenges than ever before. We expect and ask so much of our partners and even more of ourselves, and thus are devastated by the inevitable disappointments that come with long term commitments. Relationship strains, however, can provide the opportunity to heal and strengthen the bonds that brought the couple together in the first place. My aim is to guide the problem-solving process by fostering secure connection, and to teach couples how to be experts on each other and how to deal with conflict and gridlock when it arises. I offer a place where couples can unpack their hurts and learn a new way of being with each other. When partners know how to connect safely, communicate effectively, and give each other what they need, they are better equipped to deal with challenges, and more likely to stay together. There is more than one 'right' way to do partnership, and couples therapy is an exploration of how you and your significant other can make the relationship work for you.