About Me


As humans, the unique life experiences and identities we hold create a diverse and beautifully imperfect existence. My goal as a therapist is to meet you where you are in your life with empathy, authenticity and vulnerability. Whatever complex emotions you’re holding, I’m eager to come alongside you.

In the therapy room, I will take great care in affirming your autonomy and independence while helping you navigate the endless possibilities therapy has to offer. The theories I tend to keep in my back pocket—attachment and relational-cultural theories, systems theory, and feminism—recognize that everything we experience is connected and holds meaning. I believe that vulnerability is the key to addressing the difficult emotions we feel, such as shame, anger and sadness, while also allowing us the ability to enrich our lives through expression, empowerment and intimacy. I am here to serve as a source of support, curiosity, unconditional compassion and insight as you move toward a deeper sense of self, heal from past wounds, or prepare for your future.

Before becoming a therapist, I gained a variety of professional experience ranging from work with interdisciplinary teams in acute psychiatric settings to trauma and crisis-intervention. More recently, I have worked with survivors of intimate partner violence, women, adults and couples. As an identifying member of the LGBTQIA+ Community, I am a therapist who will affirm your identity and celebrate self-expression.

I grew up in Annapolis, Maryland and relocated to Austin shortly after earning my Bachelors in Deaf Studies from Towson University. I enjoy movies, live music, crafting, yoga, and consider myself to be a coffee and baked goods enthusiast. I have a great appreciation for nature and animals; I’m vegetarian and do my best to protect our world and the creatures in it through mindfulness and sustainability practices. On a typical day off, you might find me browsing a flea market with a latte!

I thank you sincerely for browsing my page and considering me as a potential part of your therapeutic process! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me via phone at 512/201-4501, ext. 188, email at, or by filling out a request form.


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With couples, I recognize that each member of the relationship holds diverse identities, communication styles, boundaries, values and goals. She believes that partnerships deepen with trust, respect, shared intimacy and emotional understanding. Through the Gottman Model, Emotionally-Focused Therapy, attachment theory, and feminism, you and your partner(s) can rediscover the motivation to address recurring issues and make lasting changes. I will encourage you to renew your sacred connection with your partner(s) by rebuilding friendship and challenge you to embrace vulnerability.