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About Me


As a creative writer and someone who values my northeastern roots, I celebrate the unique story of each person and honor the exploration process of how a collection of experiences, environments, and relationships have created your story as it is today. 

As a social worker and a therapist, my primary goal is to create a safe and supportive environment for clients. Therapy is a journey that invites vulnerability; I am ever grateful for clients putting their trust in me and sharing their deepest parts. Whether you have prior experience in a therapeutic setting, or are new to and unsure of the process, I believe in the healing power of the relationship in the therapy room – to have the space and trust to partner in exploring your discomforts and your strengths. One of the most exciting aspects of the therapeutic relationship is that I am just as human as you are! I value the authenticity of acknowledging imperfections and sharing observations, and I love that I learn from my clients every day.

In my counseling practice, I have worked with individual adults and couples, addressing issues such as childhood trauma, recent sexual trauma, anxiety, depression, grief and loss, challenging family dynamics, domestic violence, aging and caregiving, difficult life transitions, and building healthy relationships. Clients have found me to offer a calming and attentive presence, and to be genuinely caring and invested in their well being. I use my natural curiosity and comfort in asking questions to learn about my clients – inside and outside – which then helps me to be direct in my feedback as new information unfolds. As an introverted connector, I also value the power of quiet; we will often sit in the open space together and allow time for thoughts and feelings to come to the surface. The time I share with clients consists of traditional talk therapy, along with mindfulness practices, learning to listen to body sensations and emotions, and often engaging in tool building for self-exploration, creativity, and interpersonal connection. Personal history plays an important role in our time together, as I believe in the importance of looking back to heal from unresolved pains and to gain wisdom for how to meet needs or make shifts moving forward. I enjoy working with clients to find the connection that is most meaningful to them in the present – whether it is out in a larger community, in nature’s simplest forms, in a few valued relationships, or with the self that has never fully taken shape.

If you would like to speak with me about your needs and the possibility of us working together, please call 512/201-4501, ext. 103, and I will return your call within 24 hours. You may also contact me by completing the appointment request form.


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In working with couples, I offer a safe space to communicate needs and desires in a direct way, and for individuals to recognize and express underlying hurt. I work to allow partners to rebuild trust and work as a team, rather than against one another, to break down the troublesome patterns and cycles of conflict that become routine and automatic. Through this work, couples will practice being vulnerable with each other in new ways and experience emotions in the room. I facilitate the exploration of blocks to intimacy and emotional connection, including experiential differences from childhood and earlier relationships. Couples find me to be empathic and supportive while also being active and directive in identifying the hard stuff and shifting into openness for change.