About Me


What I value about therapy is the opportunity that exists when a person decides to take steps towards improving their life. I’m motivated to help others dig into the details of their own experience and expectations and square that with how they might feel disconnected from others and/or their community.

I believe that all people have a mental health, and that a person’s mental health needs attention. I believe that we are all built for strong, lasting relationships—with ourselves, others, and our communities—and thus I strive to help others work through feelings and thoughts of disconnection resulting in anxiety and/or depression. I am drawn to hearing the stories of others, and am inherently focused on listening and exploring those stories to find meaning and direction. My approach is to facilitate a therapist/client relationship that is built on trust, open and honest communication, and most importantly safety. My hope is that through open and honest communication my clients can discover more about themselves, those they care about and their environments, and can be empowered by these discoveries.

My therapeutic style is relational and partnership-based, meaning I seek to avoid the role of “expert” and seek to engage in the process of clients actualizing self-realization, self-determination and self-empowerment. For many of my clients the process of self-exploration and discovery is both exciting and scary; exhilarating and exhausting; rewarding and challenging. As a therapist my hope is that my clients won’t simply be prompted to change, but to grow. As a client once stated so accurately, “Change is bullshit. You can always change back. But growth… you can’t undo that.”

Through the process of exploration and discovery I believe that each of us can build resiliency and strategies for addressing the ups and downs in our relationships, and much of my work has been helping others discover a deeper understanding of themselves.

If you are interested in working with me, please reach out to me at 512/201-4501, ext. 205, or by filling out an online request form.


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