About Me


You are in the right place. You matter. Regardless if you have years of experience or this is your first time considering it, therapy can seem scary. I am here to affirm that you are taking an important, brave step toward feeling a more fulfilled and satisfied life.

Some describe my style as warm, sincere, and (sometimes) comedic with purposeful, safe challenge. What I mean by that is you will be met with compassion and gentle collaboration in discovering your needs, desires, fears, and most true self. 

I have diverse experience with children, adolescents, young to aging adults, and families in outpatient clinic, psychiatric emergency, and psychiatric inpatient settings. My work has involved those struggling with grief and loss, depression, anxiety, abuse, and serious mental illness. Although I have a thorough background of traditional work in mental illness, I draw from multiple perspectives for understanding and working through psychological distress. No client issue is “too big” or “too small,” and I look forward to working with you as an individual-not as a diagnosis. 

My greatest strength in the therapist’s chair is leading you to drive our work. I say “our” work because sessions will be collaborative. “Therapy”- this word can be scary to hear, but the best part is we are doing it together and entirely at your pace. You will feel safe and secure in discovering more about yourself than you thought possible.

Now, here’s a little about me outside of the office. I went to school at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor where I studied Neuroscience.  It was while completing a project in maternal empathy neural networks that I found a passion for working with people who struggle to feel balance in their lives. Devoted to social justice, I decided to pursue clinical work within the social work discipline. Because of the wondrous opportunities at the University of Texas at Austin, I packed my bags and moved to this really fun, exciting, and sometimes daunting place. You may see me walking my corgi, eating tacos, and dancing like a goofball to live music around town. If you’d like to see about working together, please call me at 512/201-4501, ext. 159 or complete a request form. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Call Adam at 512/201-4501, ext. 159


Annex, North