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C'mon get happy! Home-made self-soothe kits

As therapists, we're typically of the mindset that you “can’t go ‘round it, gotta go through it.” We know that addressing your discomfort head-on is the most effective way to change it.

But that doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve a break every once in a while! Those negative thought-loops are exhausting, and you deserve five minutes of peace.  Check out this easy, logical self-soothe kit, and try it out this week.

The goal behind this kit is to flood your brain with positivity so that you run out of room for the negative. If you can find something that sends soothing messages through each of your five senses, your brain will be too busy processing that positive information to fixate on the things that are troubling you. Is this a long-term, cure-all? Nah. Is it an easy, effective break from your stresses? You betcha.


Example Self-Soothe Kit

1.       Sight – I like forest scenes

2.       Sound – I like the sound of rain

3.       Smell – Lavender and Vanilla are my favorite scents

4.       Taste – I love chamomile tea

5.       Touch – I have a stuffed rabbit I’ve been cuddling since forever

With self-soothe kits, you want to do two things. The first is to make your entire list accessible. The second is to put all those things in one place, so that when you’re feeling crummy, they’re easy to find. For instance, with this example kit, I might download a forest screen saver for my laptop, a white noise CD with rain sounds on my iTunes, grab a lavender candle from the drug store, be well stocked on chamomile tea, and have my StuffyBun at the ready. To keep all this stuff on hand, I’ll probably keep it in a shoe box near my desk. That way, when I’m feeling low, I don’t have to task myself with gathering the items.

Good luck, and happy soothing!